Talon Turns 10:  Looking Back at Our Decade in Out of Home

More creative, effective, measurable and sustainable than ever before. That’s our promise. In an ever-changing industry, Talon have always prided ourselves on being the changemakers, the trailblazers, the provocateurs and the pioneers.

A Decade of Innovation: Talon’s Journey Through the Years

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been ten years since Talon was founded, but here we are, commemorating our milestone anniversary.  

Throughout the years, we’ve overcome obstacles, expanded our reach, and stayed true to our core values. Join us as we reflect on the journey of a company built on people with big ideas and explore our history in the OOH industry.


Back in 2013, Eric, James, Frank, Steve and Yvonne set out to revolutionise the world of OOH advertising. With the acquisition from Ptarmigan and the guidance of Nick Jarman, their unwavering determination and shared passion laid the groundwork for what would soon become the Talon that we know today. 

This unique approach soon caught the attention of industry giants such as AMS, JAA and Omnicom, who jumped on board for the adventure. Joining our growing family, Andy Tilley joined our ranks, bringing a wealth of expertise and creativity.

That same year, PS4 took over the iconic OXO tower with an innovative and game-changing campaign and Eric took home the Serial Entrepeneur of the Year award. These initial triumphs marked only the dawn of an extraordinary journey, hinting at the remarkable achievements that lay ahead… 


Our family expanded even further with the addition of Adrian Skelton, whose arrival brought new perspectives and expertise to the team. As our family grew, so did our collection of accolades. We proudly received prestigious Cannes Lions awards for our groundbreaking campaigns with renowned brands such as Pepsi MAX, Google, and Walkers.

These accolades not only celebrated our creativity and innovation but also reinforced our commitment to delivering exceptional results for our clients. With each honor received, we were inspired to push boundaries further and raise the bar higher, knowing that our journey was only gaining momentum. 


Rathbone Place became the new heart of our operations, providing a home for our growing team. During this time, our creativity soared to new heights as we orchestrated a campaign for Oreo that eclipsed the phenomenon of an actual eclipse, captivating audiences worldwide.

Our dedication and success did not go unnoticed, as we were honoured by the Sunday Times with two remarkable distinctions: 3rd fastest-growing company and top 10 best small companies to work for, emphasising our dedication to fostering a supportive and empowering work environment.  

Our impact extended beyond the industry, with LSE acknowledging our role in inspiring Britain’s entrepreneurial spirit. As a testament to our professional standards, we also earned an accreditation from the CICM. 


In our third year of operations, Ghostbusters unleashed its supernatural prowess and dominated Waterloo, capturing the imaginations of all who encountered it.

Our ingenuity and dedication earned us double recognition from the CICM and the Sunday Times officially ranked us as a Best Small Company to Work For, a distinction that still fills us with immense pride. We are incredibly proud of these achievements and remain committed to cultivating a company culture that empowers and inspires our exceptional team, clients and partners. 


With the launch of Talon America, we expanded our footprint across the globe, unlocking new opportunities for growth and innovation. Investment from Mayfair fueled our expansion further, and  Specsavers’ nimble response to the Oscars blunder demonstrated the ability of OOH to quickly capitalise on cultural moments.

However, amidst the excitement, we also bid farewell to Steve and Yvonne, whose invaluable contributions aided our growth. That same year, Grant Murray joined the team as CFO, bringing with him a wealth of financial expertise. In recognition of his outstanding accomplishments, Eric was honored as a WOO Hall of Famer, cementing his legacy in the industry. 

Unforgettably, McDonald’s transformed the iconic IMAX into a Big Mac and a live stream of farm animals for Waitrose earned us a prestigious Cannes Lions award. Award-winning agency Goodstuff joined us for the journey.


In 2018, we became “Smarter as Standard,” with our commitment to intelligent planning becoming an integral part of our company’s ethos. Industry giants Havas jumped on board for the adventure, and we welcomed Grandesign to our ever-growing family. Additionally, we welcomed Josko Grljevic as Chief Transformation Officer and Barry Cupples as Group CEO, whose valuable expertise and leadership would guide us towards new heights. 


Moving on to 2019, Talon turned six, and it was a year of new beginnings. We witnessed the birth of Ada, Plato, and Talon International, exciting developments to our family and the wider industry. Grand Visual joined our ranks, enhancing our creative capabilities for digital OOH.

The success of Dracula captivated audiences both day and night and Talon launched in Germany under the leadership of Managing Director Winnie Karst. 


A challenging year no one will forget, the industry made a positive impact by joining us in Sending Love around the globe. Jim Wilson joined us as US CEO, contributing his expertise to our expanding operations.

Our new DSP, Atlas, revolutionized the programmatic landscape, reshaping the way we approach advertising – taking “Smarter as Standard” to a whole new level. 


In 2021, our hard work and dedication to excellence was recognized with an IPA accreditation, highlighting our commitment to industry best practices. 

We also forged new partnerships with BambOOH, Buntin and Stagwell, as well as the formation of Talon Ireland, led by Andrew Sinclair, which extended our footprint further. 


Last year, we expanded our reach into APAC and MENA, with Melanie Lindquist and Chadi Farhat leading the way, and secured investment from Equistone Partners Europe to further propell our growth.

The union of Grand Visual and Creative Solutions showcased our commitment to providing comprehensive and innovative solutions. We also joined the IPA Climate Action Charter, underlining our dedication to sustainability. And with the world of Out of Home media changing fast and boundaries being redrawn, it was time for a change… It was time to think outside! 


Finally, we arrive at 2023, the year Talon turns ten. This milestone year began with the exciting additions of Novus and Evolve, welcoming Debbie, Robin, Danielle, and their talented teams to our family. We also extend a warm Talon welcome to PepsiCo, The Kite Factory, Golley Slater, and Hyperoptic, as they join our esteemed client roster.  

As we celebrate our journey so far and anticipate the next ten years, we aspire to be the independent agency of choice, providing a pioneering global platform for brands to connect with audiences in the outside world. Reimagining the industry to deliver greater value for our clients whilst inspiring people and caring for our planet – it all begins with thinking outside.