Automated campaign planning and buying

Plato is our complete end-to-end planning and buying platform designed for planners to use from campaign inception all the way through to transaction. The platform hosts all OOH inventory in one place with real-time market intelligence, live availability and automated trading for efficient campaign activation. Unique features include a smart search function which allows users to list and map all frames in the UK and US, by geography or points of interest and in built audience analysis tool which uses Route audience data (UK) to immediately create audience-based frame lists.

PLATO Capabilities


All OOH inventory in one place with real-time market intelligence


Live availability and automated trading mean more time for strategic thinking and face time with clients


Enable the OOH industry to scale beyond the current 2-3% annual growth


Partner external agencies trading through Plato

Drive core OOH KPIs

Ada effectiveness benchmarks, produced independently by OnDevice Research, have recently been released in order to assess the impact of using the system to help inform planning and buying optimisations. The study was undertaken across a variety of categories from 40 different campaigns and the results showed increases in all main KPI’s.

Measurability to drive campaign effectiveness

The one-to-many nature of OOH advertising means that Ada will only activate audience data in an aggregated fashion.

Ada can be used by advertisers to optimise their OOH campaigns to drive core KPIs or by businesses who wish to understand their audiences in more detail.

ADA Case Studies