Now more than ever, it’s important to demonstrate the effectiveness of Out of Home campaigns and showcase the value of OOH in the media mix. Out of Home has been proven to drive action, improve brand awareness and have a positive impact on every element of the brand funnel. At Talon, we demonstrate the effectiveness of OOH through primary research and campaign effectiveness studies. Working closely with clients to understand the aim of their campaign, we offer measurement solutions that effectively evaluate performance.

What we do_


Campaign measurement in an offline medium is multifaceted. As an offline channel without the concept of cookies, different methodologies are required to demonstrate effectiveness. At Talon, we use evidence, data and insights to inform how OOH advertising can best contribute to success and inform the way campaigns are planned from the start and not just at the end.


Route is the audience measurement for OOH, providing audience estimates for Out of Home advertising in Great Britain. A joint industry currency, Route data is used to facilitate and evaluate trading in Out of Home. The gold standard in audience measurement, Route is a rigorous data set utilising a combination of methodologies such as traffic intensity models, visibility and travel studies to estimate campaign delivery with a high probability of accuracy. As an underwriter of Route, Talon ensures Route data feeds into our tech stack to provide accuracy and rigour.


With data dictating the course of travel for the media economy, there remains an over-reliance on performance metrics that profess to measure efficiencies rather than effectiveness. Identifying and measuring exposure of a broadcast medium is no mean feat. Speed, distance and dwell time all need to be taken into consideration to quantify exposure and effectiveness. Location data has allowed us to more accurately determine OOH exposure and transform the way we measure its true performance.


Talon benchmarks are an aggregation of metrics from multiple campaign effectiveness studies allowing us to identify what the expected uplift should be for each metric. These benchmarks provide context to our clients on how their campaign has performed vs the category and wider OOH landscape.
They also allow us to identify the best performing OOH formats at driving specific objectives and guide clients on selecting the right OOH environments.

How we do it_


Our partnership with global research agency On Device Research, has enabled us to develop measurement options that span across the whole brand funnel, providing deeper levels of insight into OOH campaign effectiveness. We use quantitative brand impact studies to measure brand media and creative metrics amongst a control and exposed sample.

Utilising location data to passively measure OOH exposure for our clients and the impact this has had on core metrics spanning the brand funnel. This helps us to understand if consumers have the mental availability for our client’s brands and if message delivery has been successful.


A footfall measurement study that utilised location history data and OOH panels to analyse visits and visitors to any POI. Measuring total visits, unique visitors and frequency pre, during and post campaign to accurately measure the impact of seeing OOH ads has on driving people to store.


OOH is a distinct medium, appealing to broad beam attention and therefore environments can have varying dwell times. Creative effectiveness helps brands capture attention, reach the right audience in the right mindset and utilise OOH channels to their full effect.

Talon Canvas uses eye tracking technology to measure levels of attention to different elements of a creative, allowing us to understand how consumers interact with an image. We can analyse what consumers look at and for how long, to understand creative flow, logo performance and creative simplicity ensuring optimum creative effectiveness once live.


Another way we can prove the effectiveness of OOH campaigns is through measurement of the offline to online impact. By tagging a brands website and matching against those exposed to the OOH campaign, we can measure how many people visited the website due to the campaign vs organic and showcase OOH’s ability to drive consumers online.


We drive thought leadership by developing primary research projects to address core industry topics including how OOH is effective at working with other media channels. We strive to conduct primary research projects to understand core industry conundrums. We collaborate with media owners to champion, challenge and educate the wider industry, and clients, on OOH’s role in the wider media mix. Previous industry-leading research projects include 4th Space, Dare to Digitise and Staying On.

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IPA Effectiveness Accreditation

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The development of research solutions and dedication to business effectiveness has led us to be the only OOH agency to receive IPA Effectiveness Accreditation, solidifying our positioning as effectiveness specialists, creating an evidence-based economy within OOH.