Responsible for marketing the island of Ireland overseas as a leading holiday destination, Tourism Ireland set out to enhance perceptions and drive consideration to book holidays.



Tourism Ireland employed a programmatic Out of Home strategy using Talon’s proprietary DSP Atlas. All Out of Home frames were scored based on how many on-target impressions they would serve to the target audience of Culturally Curious – those aged 25+, with intent to travel and interest in travelling.

Tourism Ireland wanted to measure the impacts that exposure to the campaign had across the brand funnel, particularly amongst the Culturally Curious audience. We therefore partnered up with OnDevice research to conduct a Brand Uplift study.



With Atlas selecting only those frames which over-indexed for the target audience, we were able to ensure this campaign cut through to the target audience and achieved a +75% uplift in on-target audience impressions.

Additionally, our brand uplift study demonstrated clear impacts across the brand funnel, with particularly strong uplifts amongst the target audience, highlighting how the campaign was not only effective in reaching the Culturally Curious, but also in influencing and resonating with them.

on-target audience impressions
ad recall
Ireland as having many unique experiences
destination preference

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