Virgin Media set the challenge to relaunch its brand, with the ambition to stand out in a typically cluttered space by breaking out of all advertising formats to reflect the ‘unlimiting’ nature of its new ‘Ultimate Oomph’ package. The campaign aimed to drive standout and memorability by dramatising the ‘unlimiting’ offering and creating Insta-fame.



Talon decided to break convention by physically breaking the boundaries of traditional advertising spaces and putting the idea of bigger and better at the core of the plan. This planning strategy was designed to truly encapsulate the ‘unlimited’ nature of the Virgin Media’s offering.

Using a mixture of Ada’s location history data available within Ada and 1st party data from Virgin, Talon was able to identify audiences based not just on demographic data, but also real interests and behaviours.



Ada evaluated thousands of advertising locations and prioritised them based on their ability to reach the bespoke audience most effectively.

This data-led approach to planning the campaign enabled Talon to highlight a range of less traditional sites that indexed highly against a much more valuable audience in addition to key city centre locations that might be expected on the plan. This approach allowed targeting of the very best sites rather than being restricted to a particular format.



Share of mind was on par with Sky, despite Sky spending 10x more than Virgin Media. Ad recall scores 14% higher than the benchmark.

Ada worked hard to select the best stand out locations in London and this was reflected in the results with top of mind awareness 23% higher than outside London. The stand out created appeal among consumers and positively impacted key message take out, demonstrating the hero messaging of ‘unlimiting’ resonated with consumers.

higher than benchmark
top of mind awareness outside London

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