Tipi launched with the aim of transforming the London rental market to make renting better and simpler for Londoners.

In Q3 2019, they launched their first big campaign promoting their new apartment block at Wembley Park with OOH at the forefront.



The overall aim was to drive awareness of Tipi in London and increase consideration amongst the core target of Wembley Park renters and those likely to rent with Tipi in the future.

Using Ada, we were able to gain an understanding of how the renting population of Wembley Park move around London and fuse this information with other sources to ascertain prospective audiences who would consider Wembley Park rentals. From this it became apparent that the target audience commute on the London Underground.



Using Ada’s proprietary London Underground model to rank all entry, interchange and exit stations across the network, precisely ranked panel locations, stations and times of day where the Tipi target audience would be and allowed this to inform our OOH selection.

In total we scored 18,638 London panels to score the best performing ones for our audience which resulted in a +21.3% increase on target audience delivery.



Using independent research agency On Device, we surveyed consumers exposed to the campaign and saw a +17% increase in brand awareness.

There was a significant increase in consideration, with 59% considering Tipi when looking to rent (+14% higher than those not exposed to the OOH campaign). The shift in consideration is 3 times higher than benchmarks.

In addition, we isolated results based on those exposed to the Ada optimised element of the campaign, resulting in a +17%. increase in ‘is aimed at someone like me’ and a +13%. increase in brand trust. The optimised element also drove a x2 stronger impact on brand consideration than that of the non-optimised element.

increased brand interest
will consider Tipi when looking to rent

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