The Campaign Tech Awards 2023 – Sponsored by Talon

Our team had a fantastic time sponsoring and attending the Campaign Tech Awards 2023, surrounded by our industry peers who share our passion for all things creativity, technology and data.

Recognizing Innovation: Honoring Industry Trailblazers and Collaborative Excellence

These awards exist to celebrate and showcase the companies that represent the industry’s trailblazing thinkers, imaginative clients and cutting-edge technology. Championing the collaboration between agencies, brands and the technology communities, and recognising the outstanding work produced together to drive the creative industries forward.

Priding ourselves on our own technology-first approach to Out of Home (OOH), sponsoring these awards was the perfect fit for Talon. Our market leading proprietary AdTech platforms that have revolutionised OOH planning, buying, execution and measurement. Ada, our Data Management Platform enables behavioural audience-based planning and has been proven to deliver better short and longer term brand metrics. Atlas, our intelligent, automated digital OOH buying platform delivers 100% optimised programmatic OOH campaigns that generate more effective outcomes for our clients. And Plato, our in-house planning tool, automates campaign planning and buying for speed and precision.

The world of OOH media is changing fast, and the boundaries are being redrawn – it was incredible to elevate the amazing work being powered by technology across the wider media industry.

2023 winners list here.