Technology at Talon: Enhancing audience-first planning with the Ada Insights Dashboard

In an age where data serves as the cornerstone of effective decision-making, harnessing its power has become a non-negotiable for businesses throughout the marketing and advertising industry. Talon recognises this imperative and has been using Ada to deliver audience-first campaigns for some of its biggest clients since its launch in 2018.

Constantly consuming billions of real and recent audience data points has allowed us to launch a new Ada dashboard for people across the agency to access instant insights. The Ada Insights Dashboard builds on the success of the Covid Audience Dashboard, which proved to be an effective and valuable tool that produced intelligent, data-led recommendations during unstable circumstances. The new dashboard continues to embrace Ada Lovelace’s (Ada’s namesake – a pioneer in computer programming) innovative spirit by simplifying access to unparalleled audience insights, making planning data-driven OOH campaigns more accessible. 

Tailored to the unique needs of the outdoor advertising landscape, the Ada Insights Dashboard has evolved to better visualise granular audience behaviour across the UK. This data is used to optimise when, where and how OOH campaigns are deployed to achieve maximum exposure and engagement for our clients. Our proprietary DMP, Ada, houses footfall data to nearly 1 million Points of Interest (POIs) over the past 12 months. We use this data to better understand how audience behaviour varies across days, regions, and categories alongside the payback OOH can deliver. Ingesting over 1 billion location observations via SDK data, the platform filters footfall data by category and region to inform and optimise planning strategies for our clients. 

The Ada Insights Dashboard enables Talon’s planning teams to: 

  • Utilise behavioural evidence to aid and reinforce planning decisions 
  • Strengthen our data-led approach to traditional OOH campaigns 
  • Open up untapped data that goes beyond optimising frames.

This dashboard, combined with Talon’s other proprietary AdTech platforms, wealth of effectiveness data and experienced planning experts ensures that we are continuing to deliver the best OOH solutions and successful outcomes for our clients. 

Luke Willbourn, new UK MD said that the Ada Insights Dashboard is a great tool for Talon to enhance our audience-first planning with easier access to effective insights. “By simplifying complex data sets into instant actionable results and real-time updates, we’re able to craft campaigns that better resonate with client audiences, ultimately driving greater engagement and return on investment”. 

In an era where data reigns supreme, tools like the Ada Insights Dashboard makes data-driven OOH planning simpler. At Talon, we believe that strategic audience-first insights are the foundation for effective OOH campaigns.