Onwards and Upwards: An Insight into Recovery from Ada

Onwards and Upwards: Insights from ADA on Recovery

With the end of the UK’s lockdown now in sight and various vaccination targets smashed, you may have already seen our recent article all about, “Why it’s time to bounce back with OOH.” Since the Prime Minister’s announcement outlining the roadmap to recovery, we’ve seen holiday bookings surge and the morale of the nation at an all-time high since the Pandemic began, creating the perfect environment for exciting Out of Home.

At Talon, we created the Ada COVID audience dashboard in response to the pandemic, it’s proven to be an effective and valuable tool. It‘s enabled us to have a view on UK audience mobility across key OOH environments, producing intelligent, data-led recommendations for our clients based on real and recent behaviours, which have been in constant flux since the beginning of the pandemic 

We’ve taken a deep dive into our data to determine what we can expect for OOH in 2021. We’re predicting a strong and fast bounce back in OOH exposure this Spring; we expect to see: 

  • Roadside at +25% vs baseline by April 
  • Small Formaat +11% vs baseline by April 
  • Large Format at +6% vs baseline by April 

When reopened, Malls and Restaurants will see an influx of visitors due to the excitement of new opportunities thanks to restrictions easing.  

For other environments, we expect to see: 

  • Rail and Underground will see a slower return to normal due to no clear message on when offices can re-open and flexible working likely to continue. These environments will see +3% increase WoW when restrictions change. 
  • Despite overall less time is being spent with OOH, channel reach remains the same. Ada’s Home Dwell model shows that on average people are spending around12 hours at home. 
  • OOH exposure and audience behaviours differ depending on where they live. We examine three areas: Greater London, Walthamstow and Lincoln.   
  • The top POI categories visited when restrictions changed last year included Clothing and Supermarkets. The Top Brands visited include Boots and Sainsbury’s.
  • Restriction easing has led to increases in holiday bookings; we have seen OOH exposure remain consistently above baseline in South West. 

Using Ada, we can activate behavioural audiences including Staycationers and Health and Fitness. 

For more detail, please see our latest Ada Insight Recovery deck, here.