The Volkswagen ID.4 Living Billboard in the daylight. The solar panels and wind turbines work hard to power the billboard later on in the evening.


In an incredibly competitive landscape, the launch of the all-electric ID.4 certainly left a lasting impression. As Volkswagen’s ID electric vehicle range is created 100% net carbon neutral, the campaign promoting its newest model needed to uphold these green credentials. 

Behind the scenes of the creation of the Volkswagen ID.4 Living Billboard.


So, we created a one-of-a-kind living billboard on Prince Street in Manchester. It was made entirely from different types of moss, which has perhaps the best air cleansing and oxygenating capabilities of any plant, meaning it naturally filters pollutants from the air effectively. Our ‘eco-billboard’ had integrated wind turbines and solar panels, so it used power generated by wind and sun to fuel the LEDs that helped create the outline of theID.4 grille.  

The moss was mounted on boards with a fine mesh fitted over the top to keep it in place and was periodically watered throughout the four-week campaign period.    

The Volkswagen ID.4 Living Billboard, lit up in the darkness.


The campaign was a huge success, achieving record levels of SUV consideration, with 141 pieces of coverage, reaching a potential 1.1 billion online readers and generating an additional 1.23 million views of PR coverage. 

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PR coverage views
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