VW’s new ID.3 is made and delivered carbon neutral – but there’s no point in selling the environmental benefits of VW’s electric mobility if the media plan isn’t environmentally friendly.  



Wanting to make as big an impact as possible, whilst honouring Volkswagen’s carbon neutral commitment, we created an OOH media plan as clean as the car; whilst delivering the brand’s 2020 sales targets in the toughest trading conditions imaginable. 

Across 3 nations and 5 walls, we invited 18 artists to paint a series of OOH murals in major cities across the UK. Using 147 litres of Airlite paint and 150 hours of production, the murals actively removed pollution from the air. Throughout the majority of the campaign, the five murals removed an estimated 2.45kg of NOx, equating to 102g a day. 

Once the launch ended, we left a clean air legacy by painting over the murals with white Airlite paint to continue the job; removing a further 5.68kg of NOx, equating to 90.2g each day.



The campaign smashed the ID.3’s sales targets, as well as securing the ID.3 as the UK’s best-selling electric car in just its second month on the market. 

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