In 2022, Starbucks set its sights on winning the hearts and minds of Gen Z. Maximising the short, mid and long-term strength of OOH.



Identifying a digitally over-saturated audience, Starbucks utilised a digital, data-driven, cross-format approach to build brand consideration and capture the attention of Gen Z’s in the highly trusted OOH environment.

A first of its kind approach for Starbucks: more cost-effective, reducing CPT’s vs. our previous buying approach, minimising wastage, and delivering a 62% uplift in target audience impressions. Importantly, delivering for the brand and business, delivering a YoY increase of rewards customers, an increase in ROI and revenue multiple record sales weeks in 2022/23.



As a result, we were able to increase brand consideration scores and see a positive uplift in 16 brand attributes in their Brand Equity Monitor, achieving a significant increase in revenue vs FY21.

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