Woman standing in front of the screen playing the Heineken 0.0 activation


In the heart of bustling lunch hours, where fatigue often loomed, a captivating alternative emerged. A not so sneaky pint. Picture: a collaborative journey with Heineken, embarking on a mission to rewrite the lunchtime tale for the Irish public. NOW YOU CAN savour the moment without turning to alcohol.

Man standing in-front of the Heineken 0.0 activation, interacting with the game


But first, our team knows the importance of setting serious objectives, so that’s precisely what we did.

Objective 1: Shine a spotlight on Heineken 0.0 during lunchtime, making it the ultimate hero.

Objective 2: Active during key consumption moments around lunchtime, reaching our target audience when it truly matters.

Heineken 0.0 programmatic campaign on an Orb with the tagline


As the campaign’s core concept revolved around enjoying non-alcoholic beers during lunchtime, it was crucial for us to be visible in a location where people would encounter it during their lunch hour.

We built a bespoke installation at the Camden Corner, in Dublin City Centre. With the aim to get passers-by engaged and drive that lunchtime conversation. The bespoke build utilised digital screens at street-level to present contestants with 4 city’s clocks. One clock was showing Dublin time, while the other three were constantly spinning through other city names. Once 3 city names were locked in, the contestants had 15 seconds to guess which city of the 3 was at 1 o’clock.

The second part of the strategy was to ensure we were reaching the right people during those consumption moments around lunchtime.

We activated a programmatic component to the campaign which spanned four weeks, two of those weeks coincided with the bespoke Camden Corner activation. We built a pre-defined list of screens to activate on, strategically opting for those positioned around the busy lunch spots in Dublin City. In addition, we implemented time targeting to ensure the campaign presence was exclusively during the peak lunchtime period of 1:30pm – 3:30 pm.

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