British Airways launched its new positioning, “A British Original,” which explores the individual and original reasons people travel, whether to reconnect with loved ones, take some time out or to immerse themselves in a different culture. Every flight, every dream, every purpose of every visit is original.



The breadth of British Airways’ message was made possible with OOH, driving mass reach across London and the South-East, communicating 520+ copy lines and emphasising the unique reasons for Brits to choose British Airways. 

Additional reach and engagement were maximised by running alongside TV/BVOD, Social, Cinema and Radio.



The OOH campaign was awarded the Outdoor Grand Prix at Cannes Lions, as well as four further awards at The Drum Out of Home Awards:

  • Out of Home: Digital
  • Out of Home: Multi-Channel Campaign
  • Out of Home: Copywriting
  • The Chair Award.

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