Baileys “HallowQweens” was a progressive and forward-thinking campaign that positioned a Baileys as an unexpected Halloween treat. If you’re already the ultimate Christmas treat, why not be it all year! 



Diageo’s aim was to keep the LGBTQ+ community at the heart of the content and creative, achieving this by displaying some of the biggest names that UK drag has to offer, transforming them into three glamorous witches enjoying a Baileys.



The three HallowQweens were brought to life on hand-painted murals, the first mural was located at 36 Old Street and the other mural was located at the Great Eastern Gallery, both sites were within proximity to on-trade locations which were serving up a variety of Baileys cocktails for Halloween.

The murals included additional production techniques to make the creative stand out even further the Old St mural was enhanced with glitter to create optimum eye-catching sparkle and the Great Eastern Gallery mural included metallic and glow in the dark UV paint used to create spooky stand out.

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