Women in Tech and Data at Talon

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International Women’s Day is the opportunity for us as women to stand up and celebrate our achievements. I want to take this opportunity to talk about the Product and Data team here at Talon.

The percentage of women working in tech industries remains at just 16%, this figure has seen little growth over the past decade. Whilst organisations such as Women in Data, work tirelessly to champion diverse representation in this industry, there is still significant room for improvement.

At Talon, we are very much bucking this trend. The Product and Data team are a core team of seven women. Our backgrounds and experience vary, and our roles range from data application in campaign planning and promoting effectiveness, to managing the development and deployment of our propriety technology platforms Plato, Ada and Atlas.

The last 12 months have been a chaotic whirlwind for everyone, and we have all had to learn new ways to adapt and prevail. The Product and Data team not only did this but demonstrated an invaluable attitude and passion that supported the whole business through the toughest climate we’ve faced to date. I have never been prouder to be part of this group of talented women.

Pioneering Industry Change

There are countless things I could mention when it comes to our achievements as a team over the past year so instead, I wanted the women behind this team to shout about what they are most proud of:

“This year has been undeniably hard for so many people and companies, I think what I am most proud of this year is how our data management platform, Ada, has been adapted time and time again to provide meaningful and real insight’s on audience movements. Working with our development partners, Sahaj Software, we have completely changed the way we are using data to make it applicable to all industries, not just media.” – Charlotte McDougall – Ada Product Owner

“I’m extremely proud to have worked with the team on launching a brand-new tech product, Atlas, but also, covering as much ground as possible to raise awareness and help educate on the merits of the platform amidst such challenging conditions, all from my kitchen table!” – Kloe Wells – Senior Sales Manager

“My highlight would be working with Sophie Pemberton, our Chief Strategy Officer on conceptualising, creating and consequently, launching a brand-new planning process which has been adopted by the Talon planning department. Sophie and I are both strong in our views but working together allowed us to inspire each other and shape this piece of excellent work” – Amy Horton – Chief Product Officer

“I am incredibly proud to have been so closely involved with bringing Atlas to the market. Launching a product during a global pandemic, as well as getting to grips with a whole new world of data and tech remotely has posed challenges but it’s been really rewarding to be able to help shape and refine Talon’s programmatic offering. I’m excited to see this grow further in 2021.” – Sophie Lewis – Operations Director

For me, some of my proudest moments have been times where we have showcased each other’s talents by pulling on our individual skills to create the best possible outcomes for our clients and us as an agency group.

But personally, knowing I have the backing of this group of women, and the strong male allies in the business, has changed me as a person. I have found my voice and am louder than ever.


Georgie Rumble, Product Strategy Director.