Winfried Karst, Managing Director of Talon Europe reflects on the role of local OOH as Germany start to emerge from lockdown

It’s very early days, but with some restrictions starting to be lifted at different stages across Europe, close analysis of key data sources and a smart reassessment of campaign delivery means we can start to get brands thinking about communicating again in the right places and moments – some clients already adapt their messages / artwork quickly to the current situation

Germany has delivered a measured and controlled approach to the COVID-19 crisis, but patterns of movement are changing as we slowly see restrictions being relaxed across the country. Analysis of data across the country is already revealing some recovery in OOH audiences from both a pedestrian and vehicular point of view, which will only continue in the coming weeks.

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Source: Apple Mobility

Adapting OOH Strategies for a Shifting Landscape

Offices are not all closed although most of the workers stay at Home (Home Office) leaving OOH in residential areas and key points of interest most relevant. Working with several of our clients, we have re-evaluated individual OOH locations on the changing movement patterns, meaning a focus on a more localized role for OOH.

These include main road sites, with use of public transport severely restricted; food, retail, drugstore, pharmacy locations, now attracting significant audience traffic; and residential areas, parks and leisure locations, where the immediate local neighborhood is more important than ever and often well served by OOH.

Importantly, the market remains flexible and very willing to shorten cancellation periods. Brands that can adjust copy to fit context and location are better placed for competitive advantage as the market returns – albeit gradually – to normal ahead of many other European and Global markets.

Working with our global network, Plexus we will continue to monitor and analyze learnings from other European countries as well as from around the world to ensure our clients are best placed to understand the shifting landscape of OOH as we come out of the other side of the COVID-19 crisis.

Let’s keep moving!

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Winfried Karst

Managing Director, Talon Europe