Wine-in-a-can brand, HUN Wine, expertly pivot their festival launch plans to a tongue-in-cheek counter-intuitive out-of-home campaign during lockdown.

HUN wine masterfully exploited the decision to launch their brand via an out-of-home (OOH) campaign during lockdown with a punchy, ironic creative that demanded consumer attention.

HUN Wine were set to launch their new vegan, fair-trade wine-in-a-can product at a number of UK festivals this summer but were forced to reconsider their launch strategy following the nationwide Covid-19 lockdown. With the 2020 festival season cancelled, HUN had to develop a new approach to engage with their target audience of trendy twenty something festival goers. With the UK being ordered to stay at home and OOH audiences declining, many brands cancelled OOH campaigns. HUN, however, made the bold decision to work with Talon to buck the trend and create an OOH-centric product launch.

But why use OOH advertising when the nation is being asked to stay at home? Despite OOH audience numbers taking a dramatic hit at the start of April in the UK, analysis of behavioural movements using Ada showed that OOH was primed to target hyper-local audiences. HUN’s campaign was executed across roadside D6s in areas of London where their young and trendy-festival goer audience live, such as Camden, Clapham, and Hackney.

By using OOH as their launch platform whilst the nation was in lockdown, they needed creative that would grab the attention of passers-by. HUN chose to adapt their creative and included contextually relevant copy in order to create a bit of a PR splash. They used bold, tongue-in-cheek messaging to mock their decision to launch their brand using Out of Home during lockdown. The work comprised of a series of punchy and humorous remarks including: “Try launching a new wine when no one can go out and buy it,” and “Look everybody! We’ve just launched a new wine. Anybody? Anybody? Anybody?”

Innovative DOOH Campaign by MGOMD, Talon, and TBWA

The targeted DOOH activity was planned ad booked by MGOMD and Talon with creative by TBWA and ran across the JCDecaux network. Charlotte Bull, Client Director at Talon adds:

“It was great to see a start-up business create so much impact with OOH, without having to invest huge amounts of money. They adapted their strategy perfectly with their counter-intuitive creative, in line with the fun and humorous tone of their brand. Hopefully we will see more from them across OOH this year!”

The campaign has stood out in the lockdown period and used OOH to launch a brand with great success and inspiring creative, using the context of people’s experience as well as any using the channel.