UKTV uses Innovative Out of Home technique

TV Series Poster Brought to Life With improved 3D Lenticular Printing

UKTV has taken advantage of a new and improved Out of Home (OOH) lenticular printing process for the launch of the third series of its fantasy TV drama Grimm, starting on Watch on 5th February, in association with Talon, Rocket and other media partners.

Lenticular printing allows for the introduction of animation or 3D imagery into an otherwise static poster. This technique has been used in OOH campaigns for years but Hive Associates, the leading manufacturer of lenticular posters, has developed a new streamlined process to generate images of higher resolution with greater contrast and with shorter lead times. This process, known as DIF lenticular printing ensures an advertiser’s imagery is now higher quality than ever before.

The new campaign for Grimm promotes the launch of the third series on Watch and creatively demonstrates the dual personality of the show’s central character, Nick Burkhardt, within the single poster.  The 75 lenticulars on Exterion (formerly CBS Outdoor) Underground 6-sheets go live on 27th January and form a key part of a larger media campaign planned by Rocket.

Laura Woodcock, Assistant Brand Manager, Watch said: “We’re really excited to support this channel brand defining show with such a stand out media choice.  We feel lenticulars are creatively impactful, arresting, and the perfect communicative tool for a key narrative change such as this.  With the format becoming an increasingly prominent component of advertising campaigns in the entertainment genre, we felt it was the perfect opportunity for Watch as a challenger brand to assert itself amongst its competitors.”

Rich Simkins, Innovations Director of Talon Outdoor commented: “Lenticular printing is a great way for brands to integrate multiple creative ideas into a single design, which we know results in a more eye catching and memorable campaign. The grim truth of lenticular printing is that it can prove too expensive for some brands but with this new technique our clients benefit from a price point that allows for far more scalable campaigns with even better quality of display.  We’re delighted our partnership with Hive has been able to achieve this so brilliantly for UKTV.”

The media campaign was planned by Rocket, with creative by Mother, and the OOH media and production delivered by Talon Outdoor in partnership with Hive Associates.