Tropicana’s Little Glass: A lot of what you need

‘Little Glass’ digital installation encourages Londoners to grab 150ml of orange juice goodness

Juice brand, Tropicana, will take over a digital billboard in the Southern Terrace of Westfield London to educate consumers on the health benefits of consuming just 150ml of 100% orange juice each day. Through this compelling and unusual interactive morning experience, the public can watch exactly what goes into their juice and then visit the Little Glass billboard to dispense a 150ml of fresh Tropicana.

The integrated campaign is designed to communicate Tropicana’s ‘Little Glass’ proposition. The ‘Little Glass’ campaign aims to show how 150ml of 100% orange juice has plenty of good stuff in it.

Brand ambassadors will be positioned near to the screen and will offer consumers a small cup branded with the Little Glass face and invite them to help themselves to a “little glass” 150 ml sample from the dispensing mechanism under the screen. From start to finish the experience will last less than 60 seconds per person and a looping bespoke animation for Westfield London amplifying the campaign messaging will be visible on the digital billboard throughout.

Tropicana’s Little Glass Campaign Installation

Speaking about the campaign, Tropicana’s Brand Manger’s Sophie Giraduel said, “The digital billboard is an exciting visual representation of the Little Glass campaign. We want to engage and educate consumers of the many benefits of drinking just 150ml of Tropicana each morning.”

This event runs alongside a wider TV, outdoor and print advertising campaign, and will be captured in photos and videos for further PR and social amplification. For this installation AMV is responsible for the Little Glass advertising campaign and social amplification, with DeVries SLAM providing the PR amplification. Grand Visual is behind the digital production, with Talon conducting Out of Home buying and Blackjack the production. The media buying agency is OMD UK.

150 ml of Tropicana contains a 60% of the recommended daily Vitamin C; it is also a source of potassium and Vitamin B9 whilst also counting as 1 of your 5 a day. Tropicana is never from concentrate and contains only natural occurring sugars, with nothing but 1 and squeezed oranges in each glass.