Talon’s view of Neuroscience 2 – Beyond Out of Home

Ocean launched its second Neuroscience research project in March, using brain imaging to explore the neurological impact of digital OOH on other screen and mobile devices.

The work follows the first study that used the technique to identify the effect of added emotional intensity and memory recall from seeing ads in premium digital large format environments.

Ocean’s Neuroscience Study: Digital OOH Amplifies Engagement

The new research compared the priming effects of digital OOH in a multimedia context, using print, TV and digital media.

A strong digital OOH priming effect was identified, but is also one provided by the medium itself, not just the creative. In other words, the experience of the media plays an important role and digital OOH (as demonstrated by the first Neuroscience study) can deliver a strong response.

A strong congruence effect exists between similar media; those who saw TV ads were more responsive to a press ad for the same brand; whilst those who saw digital OOH were more responsive to a digital (mobile device) ad. This “digital” effect was significantly stronger (+36% stronger) for digital OOH than for television. For some campaigns, the differential between digital OOH and TV was as high as +48%.

For details on the methodology, please refer to Ocean Outdoor or Talon. The research was both robust (192 respondents) using a pioneering and accurate technique (neuroscience, brain activity measurement, with controlled exposure to ads across different media channels).

In conclusion, the variation in effect was very significant, indicating a high congruence between digital OOH and other digital media. The priming effect – where two media can work together and truly amplify the engagement – was stronger for digital OOH than for TV; TV worked better with press than digital OOH, explained by the relaxed state when consuming those channels.

The research reinforces the previous finding that you can elicit a strong emotional response from iconic digital OOH sites. It is important in demonstrating and understanding the value of using digital OOH in any context, in terms of value, accountability and amplification.

Talon will be linking the findings to our broader understanding of how digital OOH works and to some specific econometric and metadata analysis of the ROI effects of digital OOH – a project underway in association with media owners and Omnicom agencies.

For more details, please speak to Talon, or watch the video here