Talon Partners with Sahaj Software to develop Plato and Ada, Proprietary OOH Technologies

Talon has launched its proprietary AdTech platforms, for OOH advertising, Plato and Ada. These platforms allow Talon’s customers to realise and measure meaningful outcomes by bridging the gap between advertisers’ demands and existing capabilities in the OOH market. These platforms create an integrated ecosystem with media owners, advertisers and measurement and data providers.

Talon Launches OOH AdTech Platforms Plato and Ada

Both platforms were developed in partnership with Sahaj Software, which has extensive experience of building and developing large scale software products across multiple domains. Sahaj’s application of data science and technology to solve complex problems, combined with their proven track record of developing technology platforms at scale, enabled them to bring new ideas to create intuitive and scalable solutions.

Josko Grljevic, Chief Transformation Officer at Talon, commented, “We partnered with Sahaj because of their deep engineering experience and innovative approach to using technology to overcome real-world business challenges. The focus on creating simplified and intuitive user journeys were instrumental to creating user- friendly systems that enhanced adoption across the business”.

Nitin Dhall, Co-Founder and Director of Sahaj Software Solutions adds, “Sahaj is proud to be Talon’s technology partner for Plato and Ada. We leveraged our ideas and know-how from multiple domains and used them to good effect in designing solutions for the OOH medium. This enabled us to build solutions that are simple, sophisticated and scalable. Talon’s focus and commitment to make technology a core part of the business, was instrumental to defining the rich functionality available in Plato and Ada today, as well as to speeding up the time to market for both platforms”.