Talon launches ‘Benchmarks’ to help determine client KPIs for OOH campaigns

Talon Introduces ‘Benchmarks’ to Evaluate OOH Campaigns

Talon has launched a new data set using over 60 campaign effectiveness studies to add to its understanding of how client campaigns perform across different OOH formats.

The data reinforces Talon’s 2015 econometrics study that advertising in OOH drives ROI, with metrics delivering real and consistent shifts, including call to action, consideration, online activity, brand equity perceptions, brand awareness and ad recall.

Talon will be using the data to continue to demonstrate to clients how OOH works and to set and compare KPIs by category, type of advertiser and OOH format.

For example, Digital OOH formats perform particularly well in driving call to action metrics, including driving purchase (with average campaign growth shifts of +50%), as well as consideration (+33%) and standout (ad awareness) measures (+37%). Whilst Large Format OOH sites appear strongest at shifting brand perception (+23%), consideration (+41%) and recommendation (+43%), Roadside campaigns generate the largest brand awareness for advertisers (reflecting high audience reach) averaging at 80%, plus shifts against purchase measures (+28%) and consideration (+23%).

The data also reinforces Talon’s work in how contextual OOH drives greater effect and behavioural change. Contextual campaigns add over 30% effect to behavioural measures such as sales and online interaction, just relative to what we would expect to see in OOH.

Other areas in the data set include OOH domination effects, driving online visits and creative benchmarks where 16 eye-tracking studies compare metrics including image, copy, message and logo.

Nick Mawditt, Talon’s Director of Insight and Marketing, comments, “It is important to give clients a sense of how well campaigns have performed relative to market expectation and we’re seeing real consistency for the medium as a whole as sites and environments improve in terms of quality. We are also now honing our evidence onto real performance metrics and combined with our understanding of digital OOH and contextual use of the media, the data set is proving the value of smarter uses of OOH, both in isolation and with other media.

The data set is based on over 60 Talon campaign evaluation studies and a total of over 600 campaign measures, conducted and analysed by Talon, our clients, agencies and media owner partners. The Benchmarks database will be updated continuously.