Talon Introduces New ‘Seven to Seven’ Email Guidelines

Talon Introduces ‘Seven to Seven’ Email Guidelines for Work-Life Balance

Continuing on from our success in placing 9th in ‘The Sunday Times Top 100 Best Small Companies to Work For’ 2016 list and our drive as an employer to support and enhance the wellbeing of our staff, we are introducing a new initiative to further encourage a positive work-life balance here at Talon.

‘Seven to Seven’ are the new guidelines whereby employees are encouraged to not send any internal or external emails between the hours of 7pm and 7am Monday to Friday, and on weekends between 7pm Friday and 7am the following Monday.

>span class=”s1″>”As an employer, we have always been people focused and are committed to looking out for the welfare of our staff,” said Steve Bond, managing partner. “However, we also recognise we are a client facing business and that there will of course be times that due to urgent business requirements emails will need to be sent outside of our recommended hours. These guidelines balance the need for work-life balance while continuing to provide the high levels of service we do on a daily basis.”

The ‘Seven to Seven’ email guidelines are part of a wider wellbeing strategy here at Talon to address email culture in general in order to encourage more collaborative ways of working with teams within the business. If you have any questions regarding the new ‘Seven to Seven’ policy, please get in touch with your Talon contact for further clarification.