Talon America’s Danielle Rind on Bracing for a Cookieless Future

The combination of new legislation (GDPR and CCPA) and privacy policy changes from companies like Google and Apple are bringing about big changes to consumer privacy and targeted ads. Cookies, specifically third-party cookies have long enabled advertisers to track consumer online behaviors and target them with relevant ads and product offerings. As Google, the owner of Chrome which manages roughly 70% of browser-based web traffic, plans to remove third-party cookies by 2023, the era of highly targeted ads will come to an end.

At PrivacyOC’s PrivacyNext Summit 2022, Talon America Vice President of Digital Solutions Danielle Rind delivered the keynote session: Interactive Advertising’s Consumer Identity Landscape & Its Privacy Impacts in 2022. The session highlighted the role and use of consumer identity in digital advertising and the impact of the demise of third-party cookies on advertisers, publishers, and consumers.

Among the key highlights:

The shift away from cookies will reverse the data food chain. Today, advertising data is at the top of the food chain. The end of third-party cookies will see advertising data drop to the bottom and publisher data rise to the top.

As publisher data becomes more valuable, marketers will rely on a smaller group of publisher partners and contextual advertising. As digital partnerships are consolidated, marketers will have the opportunity to reevaluate their media mix allocations. Because out of home is a strong driver of contextual relevance, it will be well-positioned to benefit from increased market share as cookies fade away.

“We expect advertisers to reallocate more dollars to OOH. The advancements in data-driven targeting and measurement now put OOH on par with other media channels. The digitization of OOH is further enriching the opportunities for advertisers to quantify OOH’s impact across the customer journey. Access to measurement outcomes and audience targeting will help drive more value from advertisers’ media investments,” said Danielle Rind.

Watch the entire keynote session for deeper insights on the changing privacy landscape and its implications on the digital advertising ecosystem.