Plexus Expansion Plans as part of the Global Recovery in OOH

From Adrian Skelton, Managing Partner in charge of Plexus at the Talon Group. 

Part of the Talon Group, Plexus is the largest independent global OOH network, focused on delivering smarter, creative, technology-led and integrated OOH communications. Combining independence with a collaborative approach, Talon and Plexus promote open working between agencies, clients and media partners.

With offices in London, Manchester, New York and Frankfurt, plus several other US cities, Talon has built up an OOH planning and buying network covering US, Europe, Asia and Latin America spanning 75 markets. International business is handled by the Plexus business, our global network with dedicated planning teams in London and New York acting as hubs for our Talon and partner offices around the World.

With intelligent targeting, use of global data and specialist on-the-ground knowledge, we deliver consistent and impactful OOH campaigns. Through technology, creativity and effective measurement, we are driven by bringing campaigns to life around the world that are always Smarter as Standard.

On the recent partnership with Hivestack… 

While still a relatively small part of OOH, the programmatic digital OOH sector is rapidly expanding across the world and as part of our “Smarter as Standard” philosophy. It’s important that the Talon Group are at the cutting edge of this sector and whilst we continue to invest in our market leading UK DSP – Atlas – our partnership with Hivestack expands our global capabilities in key international markets including the US and Germany where we have established Talon operations. Hivestack’s platform and technology will enable the Plexus team to smartly plan, buy and execute client campaigns in over 100 markets around the world, cementing our position as the leading independent international OOH Specialist and ensuring we can apply smart thinking, automation and coverage.

On the ideal client… 

Plexus works with a diverse range of clients, whether they advertise across two markets or 50! It is important they all receive an excellent service from the team no matter what size the budget. We plan and buy content in all environments and locations, from city centres to airports. The client that will get the most out of Plexus is a client that embraces data-led planning, creativity and innovation.

Our ideal client isn’t one that fits to an established perceived ideal audience for international OOH or airports, but one that fits our values and shares our ambitions to push the envelope of connected international OOH planning.

A client who shares ambitious KPIs based on being at the forefront of tech development, but not prioritising ahead of key business performance indicators; each party operating on a transparent and collaborative basis from ideation, brief writing and planning to delivery and evaluation. This means understanding each-other’s strengths and areas for development and collaborating to deliver exceptional work through smarter planning and creative execution.

On our international services… 

Speed, Simplicity and Trust are the founding principles of Plexus, as executing smarter OOH campaigns across multiple international markets doesn’t have to be complicated. The centralized teams based out of London and New York act as a single point of contact liaising with our network offices around the world to deliver a consistent end to end solution for our clients. Combined with Atlas and our propriety OOH data platform, Ada, our partnership with Hivestack now gives our clients the opportunity to access the growing programmatic OOH sector across the world in a smart and efficient way.

We are committed to ongoing investment in data and insight, covering mobility tracking post-covid, audience segmentation through proved behaviours, past and future air passenger movements, and wider market economics.

Our ability to simplify this breadth of information in to a simple centrally delivered strategy, based on local market on the ground knowledge is a key feature of our people-first, data-driven, future-facing business. We will continue to invest in travel to ensure that we’re able to effectively evaluate propositions and maintain our ongoing commitment to our local market partners.

On what to expect from Talon Group in next 6 months… 

We have a very clear vision to drive growth across the Talon Group and into Out of Home, to cement our position as an unmatched global OOH agency. Being independent allows us to be agile in investing in areas that will drive this growth, whether through acquisition, Adtech, data, partnerships or expanding into new markets. International growth remains a key focus with our US operations, the UK business and Plexus acting as an important hub for growth. Critical is that we continue to expand our adtech proposition globally through deeper investments in technology and by collaborating with innovative partners to scale our capabilities for our clients around the world.

We strongly believe that 2021 will be the year that OOH will Reset, Recover and Rise across the world, and the Talon Group will be at the forefront of this recovery – demonstrating leadership to our clients in this exciting time of change for the OOH industry. As we seek to accelerate our growth in 2021, we are building an unmatched full-service Out of Home agency to serve clients in the changing media marketplace, led by technology, collaboration and smarter ways of reaching audiences out of home.