Out-of-Home Collaboration: Experiential with Headcase

White Claw Pop Up 21

There’s no denying that the pandemic affected all areas of life, OOH advertising included. However, the industry has recovered far faster than predicted with the growing adoption of digital screens which has grown at a rapid pace across multiple environments. This, in conjunction with new innovations in data and the rise of non-traditional OOH media, has put OOH at the forefront of media plans.

Brands in 2022 are getting creative, they have re-emerged from the on/off lockdowns of the last two years feeling inspired and wanting to interact with audiences on a deeper level than before.

As an Out of Home (OOH) specialist agency we are constantly seeking the next big thing for our clients, over the next few months we will collaborate with some of our media partners to take a deeper look into the different areas of creativity in OOH. First up, is Headcase Marketing.

Q: As discussed brands are getting creative with their Out of Home (OOH) campaigns in 2022, what would you recommend brands to consider this year in order to stand out in the space?

In this mad, post-pandemic world consumers are craving deeper connections with brands and each other. They want to be associated with brands that have a purpose, that they align with, that they can trust. This presents a challenge for advertisers. But innovative, creative & experiential solutions can help address this challenge, and pay dividends into the future. Below we take a look at just some of the ways we feel here at Headcase this can be done:

  • Pop-Up Brand Experiences

Whether on the street, at shopping centres, on trade, or at a brand owned pop-up shop or event, bringing your brand face to face with consumers outside of the home will help you to engage with them in a relatable way, allowing them to understand what your brand is all about whilst creating impact both online and offline.

Last year, White Claw wanted to end their Summer on a high by creating an immersive pop-up experience whilst driving a product trial. The Wave of Summer pop-up gave Dubliners the opportunity to dive into music, entertainment and creativity from some of the country’s top personalities while trying a complimentary White Claw Hard Seltzer. The immersive experience was located in the stunning surroundings of Portobello’s Lock 6. The campaign combined online, offline, social, content & PR, creating hype and demand so much so that the first week sold out in just 7 minutes. Over the course of the 3 weeks, over 1,500 consumers were treated to a unique, immersive brand experience with food, drink, fun and meaningful connection.

  • Cultural Partnerships

Cultural partnerships help brands connect with or shine a light on cultural organisations that fit their core values and message. By creating unique innovative activations that can live both online and offline you can deliver added value for your brand, partner and audience.

Take Mars for instance, as part of its commitment to promote correct gum litter disposal. Mars launched a nationwide roadshow in 2019 that ran across the summer months. The “Bin It Your Way” campaign spent the day with each county council across the country to drive awareness of the correct manner in which to dispose of used gum. The education campaign was amplified by a heavyweight OOH campaign which ran across multi-environment and formats ensuring further reach. It is a fantastic initiative which harnesses the power of community spirit toward achieving a common goal: ridding Irish streets of littered gum.

  • Real, Localised Content

Content output from experiential activations allows campaigns to reach and resonate on online & brand-owned social channels. Today’s consumers crave content that is both real and relatable to them, which is why experiential represents a valuable source for effective, localised content.

Take the below campaign for Zalando as an example, in a very challenging year of uncertainty and solidarity, Zalando, Europe’s leading online platform for fashion and lifestyle wanted to create a unique Christmas campaign that celebrated human connection in unprecedented times. The “We Will Hug Again” tease and reveal perfectly reflected the current circumstances and celebrated the ultimate expression of human connection and solidarity: the hug. Using two wall murals in high footfall areas on both North and South of Dublin. Headcase and Talon drew widespread attention, the campaign was picked up and ran in multiple media outlets making it a highly engaging and impactful element of a wider OOH campaign.

In summary, as we are finally settling into a post-pandemic new normal, the Out of Home industry is stronger than ever. With mobility data remaining at an all-time high when compared to pre-pandemic figures. Consumers are back outside in their droves and are appreciating their surroundings much more than before the pandemic began. The OOH environment provides endless opportunities to attract, connect and create deeper engagements with audiences while they are on the move.

About Headcase

Headcase is an innovation partner to agencies and brands – helping them navigate the non-traditional landscape, conceiving and activating creative communications projects. See www.headcase.ie for more.