Open Media uses Talon Ada to understand Trendsetter audience for its Wembley Boxpark screen

Open Media’s Use of Talon ADA for Understanding Trendsetter Audience

Collaboration between Open Media and Talon – using Talon’s proprietary data management platform, Ada – has identified a more efficient way of reaching key audiences using Open Media’s digital screen locations.

Analysis of the Wembley Boxpark screen in London shows how the location is particularly attractive to a specific Trendsetter audience, identified as the most frequent to the site and a desirable social audience to target, active at the location as a retail and entertainment destination.

Ada is Talon’s Out of Home data management platform which enables more data-driven campaign planning and measurement. Ada uses a variety of relevant data sets to segment and build OOH audiences based on real and recent behaviours.

Using smart location data in this way enables media owners like Open Media to apply real audience insights when considering the right location for screen and selling the right audience to advertisers. This helps deliver better planning for clients, when digital screens can be selected based on audience profile and real behaviours.

Headline Findings 

Open Media’s Boxpark site reaches a Trendsetter audience throughout the day, targeting them whilst shopping and engaging entertainment services – around the clock – and identifying those periods where people are in a more relaxed mindset and which sites, hours, days and dayparts are the best performing to reach the Trendsetter audience.

The Wembley Boxpark site was compared to over 60 similar large format sites across West and Outer London. It delivered more on target impacts for the Trendsetter audience, and was 17% more efficient in reaching than the average for comparable sites, ranking 16th out of the 62 sites analysed.

Saturdays and Sundays both over-index and reach more of the audience, as expected, but also Mondays stand out as a day attracting retail and entertainment audiences. Boxpark traditionally runs numerous events on a Monday, including film nights and access to football.

This audience is also reached throughout the day, with hotspots at 8am, 12pm and 7-10pm. Each of these peaks reach the audience in a different mindset and very targetable for brands.

This Trendsetter audience lives in areas of East and North London. They represent the essence of the specific destination around the screen, with audiences visiting Boxpark, Wembley Stadium, London Designer Outlet and Brent Cross very much in a relaxed, purchasing and leisure-oriented mindset, likely to spend money.

Ada’s work model was also used to identify where Trendsetters have spent time working over the summer 2020 months, as affected by the pandemic. Most were working from home and using Boxpark as part of the local community, but as a destination when shopping and leisure activities resumed and people met in local, open spaces, including for alfresco dining. Latest Ada data identifies above-average population movements to the location.

The Wembley Boxpark trendsetter audience is certainly active and available throughout the day. For weekends in particular it is an important location to reach spending and active audiences, particularly as we continue the route back to normal as north and east London audiences congregate in community leisure and shopping destinations. Using such data to analyse location gives us valuable insight into targeting relevant audiences and using the screen and location to deliver the right brand and contextual messages to audiences at the right time.