OOH Today Podcast Recap

In a recent OOH Today podcast, Talon Outdoor’s Irina Zeltser joined editor Brent Baer and guests to ruminate on a wide range of issues and questions pressing the Out of Home industry today. Here are some of the highlights:

The Latest Insights and Developments

Building Trust Through Campaign Verification

Brands that invest in Out of Home quite understandably want verification that their campaigns have been executed according to plan. Providing this verification builds trust with brands and should therefore be taken very seriously. Verification practices can include producing images from the field, webcam shots, and providing detailed run reports with line-by-line descriptions of where the campaign was seen and identifying any issues that might have arisen and how they were resolved. For larger campaigns, line up a third-party auditor for additional reinforcement that the contract has been delivered upon.

Accountability Based on Data

More and more, advertisers are appreciating the full value OOH brings to a plan and recognizing OOH as a great brand-building medium, particularly for startups or companies in heavily regulated industries. OOH’s effectiveness throughout the funnel is more understandable because of the availability of data that can help prove the value of campaigns. Agencies need to hold themselves accountable and use accessible data to analyze campaign performance, even if the client doesn’t require it.

Selecting the Right Inventory

Location remains important, and “ego buys” are definitely still a thing in OOH. But inventory selection today is more about understanding your target audience and overlaying media that will resonate and have impact. The industry has made investments and incredible strides in adopting a targeted approach when selecting assets for a campaign, with the understanding that no one asset will have the same effect for all campaigns. Ultimately, it’s about demonstrating the efficacy of media against the brand’s KPIs. The ability to reach targeted audiences will keep OOH comparable with other mediums in the battle for precious ad dollars.

Adapting to the New World

Like other advertising channels and the business world in general, OOH is working to adapt to the new normal. It’s quite evident that people are going out after months of quarantining. It’s OOH’s job to understand how anxieties and behaviors will continue to impact traffic patterns so they can advise brands on where they should be placing their advertising messages.

The Resiliency of OOH

The OOH industry has been through rough times before and has a good track record in recovering. Traffic is returning to near-normal levels, and more and more people are out and about. For the OOH industry to not only survive but thrive on the other end of COVID, it will be necessary to continue investing in location data and technologies that enhance the nimbleness

of the medium. If that happens, expect revenue to increase rapidly as brands renew their confidence in OOH.

Race and OOH

Honest and forthright discussions on race are not only overdue in the US, they are long overdue in OOH. There are simply not enough minorities in senior positions across the industry.

All members of the OOH industry should use this opportunity to look inward at their practices to promote diversity and inclusion and take action where it is lacking.

Irina Zeltser, President Talon US.