One Step Closer – April 12th Reopening

A typically ordinary Monday was transformed last week into a day of celebration and self-indulgence, as millions of Brits hit the streets for the first time since Christmas.

One Step Closer to Reopening: The April 12th Milestone

For the first time in months, we saw the reopening of non-essential shops, outdoor hospitality and salons, as well as staycations permitted for one household. The response of the British public was remarkable, with shopping destinations crammed, salons busy and hospitality venues fully booked. 

At Talon, we’ve been and will continue to monitor, key stats, trends, insights and behaviours, as well as our own Ada mobility data to ensure we are reaching the right audiences in the right locations.

Non-Essential Retail 

April 12th brought us one step closer to normality as non-essential retail reopens across the UK; bringing more opportunities for OOH in close proximity to stores.

Hospitality / Health & Beauty

The reopening of hospitality and the health & beauty industry sparked a +114% increase in drinks sales WoW and a +500% increase in spending in salons.

Super Saturday 

Dubbed “Super Saturday,” the last weekend saw Brits spend 2.8 billion in physical stores as well as downing 6 million pints, as they enjoyed their newfound freedom.

Transport & High Street Footfall 

The reopening of outdoor hospitality and retail saw an +18% increase in London Underground usage and a +174% increase in high street footfall across England and Wales.

The Great British Staycation

According to Holiday Cottages UK, 8 in 10 people will take a staycation this Summer, commencing the beginning of the staycation boom.

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