Nissan Oxford Circus campaign

Nissan floors commuters with ground-breaking ad in Oxford Circus tube 

Total Surround Advertising Arrives at Underground

Nissan’s Eye-Catching Oxford Circus Campaign

A break-through ad format was revealed at Oxford Circus this week when, for the first time in Transport for London history, a poster has wrapped the walls, ceiling and floor of a tube station.

The advertisement, by Nissan, mirrored the TV advertising by making commuters feel that they were walking on roof tops with the car gliding above them and was delivered by media agency MGOMD, TBWA and Out of Home Communications Agency, Talon.

Talon’s Client Director, Jamie Finn, said ‘Nissan saw the potential of this new format, were the first to embrace it and did so with style. We can expect to see a lot more of this type of 360 degree poster in future as it is exciting as well as hugely impactful.’