Lessons from Campaign’s The Year Ahead Breakfast Briefing – In Partnership with Talon 

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The Year Ahead Breakfast Briefing, in collaboration with Talon, provided an insightful glimpse into the expectations and strategies of the marketing and creative industry for 2024. The event, hosted by Campaign, brought together industry leaders who share our passion for all things creativity, technology, and effectiveness.

The event saw editors from Campaign talk to leading brands, agencies and media companies about how they plan to grow despite soaring costs – and how they are supporting their customers and employees. Marketing and Creative industry leaders were asked what they want and expect from 2024 and examined some of the key growth drivers. Priding ourselves on big ideas and re-imagining and re-inventing OOH, partnering with Campaign for this event was the perfect fit for Talon. 

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Kicking off the event, Jay Young, Managing Director at Grand Visual, looked ahead to what 2024 has in store; anticipating longer evenings, record-breaking growth in women’s elite sport, the influence of Gen Z, powering AI sustainably and a rise in more people prioritising themselves and their wellbeing.  

Flying the flag for OOH, Jay encouraged the audience to “think outside” in 2024, reminding them that: 

  • 97% of the UK is reached by OOH every week 
  • Creative OOH can create up to 7x higher brand recall when compared to standard media 
  • OOH & DOOH rank 3rd & 5th in Global consumer preference 
  • 46% of OOH revenue goes back into the UK economy – supporting public services, infrastructure, communities and employees. 

The Year Ahead

The outlook for 2024 was optimistic across all four panels, with interesting thoughts from each. Nishma Patel Robb (Google) challenged conventional measurement approaches: “What are we actually measuring? How many agencies have heard they want to do a ‘barbie,’ with a sense of always being on. How is that measurable?”

Toby Horry (ITV) emphasized the importance of a solid brand foundation with a rising standard of expectations from consumers: “We must reinforce that marketing is a driver of sales, growth and profit. Making sure that marketing is seen as a critical component of business success.”

Jessica Tamsedge (Dentsu Creative) urged the audience to build brands in the spaces where people spend their time: “People are willing to give brands more time if you make them care enough. How do we celebrate work that doesn’t fit in these spaces? There are cultural ways to create conversation!” 

Chaka Sobhani (Leo Burnett) exclaimed: “It’s time to get f**king optimistic, it’s going to be a good year. We need to get more comfortable being uncomfortable and embrace more technology, viewing punchier budgets as a creative opportunity.” 

Dan Dawson (Grand Visual) emphasized the influence that creativity has: “We have the opportunity to influence people as they go around their everyday lives in the real world, it’s something to be excited about.” Kris Boger (TikTok) looked at the year ahead for media, “This year, brands can make the most of micro moments,” said Boger. “We’re all looking for what’s next after ‘delulu’ and ‘Roman Empire.” 

The world of OOH media is changing fast, and the boundaries are being redrawn. The Year Ahead Breakfast Briefing provided an insightful glimpse into the expectations and strategies of the marketing and creative industry for 2024. It was incredible to kick off the year with likeminded people with our trail-blazing spirit. Here’s to 2024!