Inside Talon: Mel Lindquist

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Mel Lindquist’s Journey in Talon OOH: A Focus on APAC Region

Outside thinking – it runs in the Talon family. We pride ourselves on being a company built on people with big ideas. People who constantly challenge themselves and the industry to re-imagine and re-invent the possibilities of what Out of Home can be. ​ 

In this series, we’ll be getting to know more about the people of Talon, their roles, advice and what they get up to outside of OOH. This week, we sat down with Mel Lindquist, who leads our Asia Pacific expansion as Managing Director for Talon Singapore.

Explain your role?  

Talon’s APAC office is strategically based in Singapore as a gateway to the Asia Pacific region. My role is to build the Talon profile in the region, attract new clients to Talon and deliver exceptional campaigns for local and international clients. Importantly, my role is to also advocate for the Out of Home (OOH) industry in the media mix as well as support and drive the continuous improvement of OOH, DOOH and pDOOH performance.  

What does a typical day at work look like for you?  

The role spans a wide remit from strategy through to post campaign analysis, as well as client and industry facing meetings and events. Throughout the week I am connecting with existing and potential new clients, presenting credentials or proposals, checking on campaign performance and reading research and case studies. During live campaigns I am verifying placements and communicating with the client and media owners. 

What do you enjoy most about working in OOH?    

I’ve worked in radio, television, digital and now OOH. All are enjoyable to work in but there is something about the visceral impact and tactile nature of an OOH campaign that drives my passion for OOH in a marketing strategy. I love working with marketers and agencies to deliver results using a smart, data-backed strategy that works and when you see it in the physical environment, its exceptional. 

Most memorable moment or achievement from your time in the industry?  

The opportunity to be at ground zero of Talon’s APAC expansion has been very memorable as it is a chance to build something from the ground up but with the foundations of an internationally reputable and established business. The first campaigns from the Singapore office will always be very special too with the Warriors of Future Netflix film launch in Tokyo, Taipei, London and New York and the stunning Singapore Airlines, “Welcome to World Class,” campaign on some of the most iconic OOH sites around the world. 

Any tips or advice for someone interested in joining the industry or pursuing a similar career path?  

I started in radio making tea for the breakfast announcer, reading papers, finding interesting stories and researching information to make great, compelling content for radio listeners each morning.  This was hard work but one of the most interesting roles I have ever had because you did not know what was going to happen each day.  If you have passion for media, you will find a way in via an internship, work experience or entry-level role. Then learn as much as you can from the best people and care about what you produce and deliver to clients every day. That is a great foundation for long career in media. 

What do you get up to outside of work?  

I love to travel and experience different cultures, so I am always planning my next adventure.  Recently I have visited Langkawi in Malaysia, Jakarta in Indonesia and The Azures in the North Atlantic Ocean.  Thankfully, Singapore is an amazing place to live due to its proximity to some of the most beautiful places in Asia.  It’s a 45 minute boat ride to get to Bintan or a 2 hour flight to eat in Bangkok or walk the temples of Angkor Wat.  

If you could quickly and easily learn any new skill, what would it be?  

Other languages. I’d love to be fluent in Japanese and Mandarin. 

Share a memorable adventure or travel experience you’ve had during your free time. How did it impact your personal growth or perspective?    

My first trip to Cambodia in 2007 was life changing and resulted in many more visits.  It was a humbling experience and eye-opening to the privilege I had taken for granted. A simple act like buying rice supplies, reading to children, teaching a sport or giving books to a school had an enormous impact on many lives and I have been very grateful to be able to contribute.