Global Sustainability Charter

At Talon, we are constantly working to deliver greater value for our clients whilst inspiring people and caring for our planet.

Sustainability is increasingly playing a crucial part in how we manage relationships with each and every one of our stakeholders and as such, has become a strategic priority for the business. To fulfil these ambitions, we are committed to upholding the Principles outlined below. These Principles align with the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact which has been developed to drive universal change across all aspects of corporate sustainability.

We expect our stakeholders to comply with these Principles and in turn implement them with their suppliers and subcontractors where possible.

Respect for the environment:

Comply with all applicable environmental health and safety laws and regulations

Use appropriate management systems to ensure your product/service meets applicable quality and safety requirements

Use natural resources efficiently, minimising both hazardous and non-hazardous waste

Minimise your negative impact on climate change, biodiversity and water scarcity

Minimise the use of toxic chemicals used in the products you supply and clearly disclosure any toxic chemicals use

Promote environmentally conscious development, manufacture, transport, use and disposal of your products.

Respect for the rights of all individuals:

Uphold the freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining in accordance with applicable laws

Comply with minimum wages and working hours in accordance with local laws and commit to moving towards to a living wage where applicable

Support a zero-tolerance approach to exploitation of any kind and comply with applicable requirements of internationally proclaimed human rights policy and regulation

Ensure you are not complicit in human rights abuses nor knowingly profit from the use of modern slavery including human trafficking, forced, compulsory or child labour

Treat your employees and other stakeholders with respect and provide a workplace free of harassment, abuse, discrimination, harsh and inhumane treatment or discrimination

Enable your employees and other stakeholders to report concerns or potentially unlawful practices in the workplace.

Ethical and responsible conduct in all operations:

Abide by all applicable national and international trade laws, regulations and standards including but not limited to antitrust, trade controls and sanction regimes

Protect the health and wellbeing of your employees

Prohibit all types of bribery, corruption, extortion and money laundering

Respect the privacy and confidential information of all your employees and business partners as well as protect data and intellectual property from misuse.

Sustainability Disclosure Requirements

To support adherence to these Principles, we will require stakeholders to undertake our Sustainability Disclosure Requirements to track the alignment of internal business policies and processes with Talon’s sustainability goals. These Disclosure Requirements will be rolled out over the coming years and will focus on gathering data to support and upskill our stakeholders on sustainability. The Talon team will be in touch directly to provide more information on this process as necessary.

Whistleblower Reporting

Talon has a Whistleblowing policy in place to field concerns. Should you wish to anonymously report any unethical or illegal behaviour please do so via the email address:

Your information will be kept strictly confidential.