DPAA Webinar Recap: Talon’s Irina Zeltser and Enza Chiodi on Women’s Progress in the Always-On Work Culture

Empowering Women: Blueprint for Personal and Professional Growth

In celebration of Women’s History Month, the DPAA hosted its first WE.DOOH (Women’s Empowerment in Digital Out of Home) webinar of the year on Wednesday, March 17. Titled, “Build Your Blue Sky Blueprint,” the event opened with personal insights from Talon North America East Coast President Irina Zeltser and Senior Vice President, Client Strategy, Enza Chiodi. They set the tone for the discussion, which encouraged women to be the best version of themselves in all areas of life.

The event, featuring Jenn Willey, CEO of Advance Women at Work and Senior Director of Business Development at The Trade Desk, was designed to help attendees build their personal and professional blueprints, reframe the concept of work-life balance as work-life integration, and learn when to say ‘no’ in the workplace and beyond.

Irina shared her four-step plan towards progress that is applicable for our current work from home state or a future hybrid work model:

  • In setting goals, it is imperative to understand where your strengths lie, what your setbacks are, and what improvements are needed to achieve your version of success.
  • Being ambitious does not mean you need to always say yes. Find the courage to say no.
  • Broaden your mindset by educating yourself on current news, the cultural climate, companies that you admire, and sectors beyond your own. Doing so will shape relevant and impactful strategies.
  • Knowledge learned should be knowledge shared – especially among fellow women.

Irina stated, “Find the people and the tools to support yourself on your journey and exit environments that act as barriers to your growth. Make a plan. Stop making excuses. Focus less on judgment. Look for critical feedback. And always strive to be the best version of yourself.”

Enza offered her own lessons on mapping a path to gender equality.

  • During these always-on times, create boundaries to avoid burnout. For example, set a start point, take a mid-day break, select an endpoint, and take vacations.
  • Sometimes bold career moves are not about moving up in the environment that you are in -they are about pivoting in a new direction to a company that values your unique experience.
  • Build and nurture your professional network. Your network can be an excellent source of new perspectives and ideas, as well as career advice and support.
  • Have the confidence to talk about yourself and your career successes. As women, we need to understand that self-promotion is an essential tool for career advancement.

Enza added, “As a proponent of working from home, there are benefits, such as flexibility, but it is critical to establish boundaries. For leaders managing remote teams, it is essential to lead by example in creating a sense of community and structuring those work-home boundaries.”