After the success of the first Shaun the Sheep movie back in 2015, Studio Canal launched its highly anticipated sequel – Farmageddon. The movie launched during a busy family release period which coincided with school half-term time, meaning it was crucial to drive awareness with a campaign that would cut through the noise.

Aimed at young children, the out-of-home campaign was implemented to target a young family audience. A key objective of the campaign was to drive footfall to cinemas, thus driving ticket sales for the film.



Using Ada, we were able to optimise the campaign to effectively target a behavioural audience of young family cinema goers.

Ada achieved this by utilising mobile location data to create behavioural audiences in OOH with the result recommending  suitable OOH locations. The behavioural audience segment created for the movie was composed of:

  • People who had been frequently seen at Primary schools
  • People who live in areas identified as over indexing for residents with children in households
  • People who have visited family attractions
  • People who have visited the cinema


Using Ada’s optimised recommendations, the campaign used a combination of small format digital OOH screens in roadside and mall environments.

In order to drive awareness we knew had to use striking creative that would stand out and attract our target audience. Talon achieved this with large format digital OOH and digital 48 sheets.

Zooming spaceship special builds were also created to generate impact at key locations such as entrances at shopping centres.



Through Ada, we were able to measure the campaign to evaluate whether it delivered against its objectives of building awareness and driving footfall to cinemas. The best performing region was Wales and the West of England which saw an average +59% increase in cinema footfall.

Client Quote: “With Farmageddon launching during a competitive family release period, our campaign needed to target the most relevant audiences, whilst taking advantage of OOH’s large scale reach. Using mobile location data, Ada enabled us to achieve this by creating behavioural audiences in OOH and recommending the best locations for our campaign.”

increase in cinema visits
cinema visitors exposed to the campaign

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