Brands React to Leicester’s Big Win

Dynamic Reactions: Brands’ Instant Moves Post-Leicester Win

According to the BBC, bookies thought it was more likely that Loch Ness monster would be discovered, Elvis would be found alive this year or the Queen would score a Christmas number one than Leicester City winning the Premier League. But despite the odds, on 2nd May they took the winning title after Tottenham Hotspur failed to secure a win against Chelsea.

So, how did brands take advantage of this unlikely outcome? Well, by using the flexibility of digital Out-of-Home they were able to react almost instantly! Check out the examples below from Virgin Media and Walkers Crisps.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media ran some fantastic creative on JCDecaux’s Mall D6 & M-Vision network, and other formats, in Leicester. When things were hotting up, the brand ran creative that said “Madrid, Barcelona, Milan. Watch out, Leicester are coming.”

Post win, the creative displayed the cheeky message “Leicester. Proof the best football isn’t the most expensive.”

Sian Kitchen, Client Manager at Talon Outdoor said: “Digital Out of Home provides us with a fantastic platform to broadcast messages almost instantaneously, and we knew that this would be the perfect opportunity for the client to piggy back the latest football news with the usual Virgin ‘tongue in cheek’ tone. The Mall environment was key to offering us sufficient dwell time for us to create a dialogue with sport loving football fans whilst out shopping with their partners.”


Oh Gary, you might want to watch what you say next time! Walkers crisps turned Gary Lineker’s promise to present Match of the Day in his pants if Leicester won into a hilarious countdown on digital Out-of-Home sites, including JCDecaux’s Transvision network.

Keeping a live “countdown to kit off”, the creative was updated with the latest match scores. Every time the scores moved in Leicester City’s favour, packets of Walkers crisps were gradually removed to slowly reveal a picture of Lineker in his underwear!