Better Together – The 4th Space research shows +23% uplift in brand metrics

Maximizing Impact: Social Media + Digital Out-of-Home Fusion

Significant impact when Full Motion Digital Out of Home is added to Social Media campaigns, OnDevice study reveals.

An initiative to combine brand advertising on social media platforms with Full Motion Digital Out of Home (OOH) shows a significant incremental benefit to core brand metrics driven by social media.

The uplift across brand funnel metrics including brand awareness, emotional response, brand consideration and brand action averages at a consistent incremental change of +23%.

Brand studies including Virgin Holidays, Pride and a major high street coffee retailer reveal consistent shifts across core brand impact metrics. Where we measured the incremental effect of Full Motion Digital OOH on specific call to action metrics, the increases were most significant and up to +86% shift for one brand.

For those brands where footfall into store was a key objective, the research demonstrated an average +68% increase in store visits attributable to those who had seen a combination of social and Full Motion Digital OOH.

The effects of adding Full Motion Digital OOH to three social media advertising campaigns were analysed through device-tracking research into brand metrics and footfall. In every instance, OOH added an enhanced effect to those merely exposed to messages on social media.

Sophie Pemberton, Strategy Director at Talon comments, “We know that no single media channel can deliver it all and a planner’s ability to deploy the right message across the media mix is needed now more than ever. This research proves our hypothesis that digital OOH is an increasingly important and under-utilised video channel and by sitting alongside social media, can deliver more powerful branding and action results for our clients.”

Emily Alcorn, Head of Insight at Talon, who oversaw the research project, comments: “We explored many options to ensure we can measure both media elements robustly and these results validate the positive impact Full Motion Digital OOH has on campaign effectiveness and particularly in driving consumer action.

“The stand out figure from the brand impact section of the project shows that by adding Full Motion Digital OOH to a social campaign, effectiveness across the brand funnel increased on average by 23%. But we also saw real effect on those campaigns generating web visitation and sparking conversation.”

The research was launched at an event for social and comms planners on October 18th and was conducted through OnDevice Research, co-funded by Talon, Clear Channel, Ocean Outdoor and Limited Space.