All Roads Lead to Out-of-Home (OOH) : The Countdown to the FIFA World Cup 2022

With the world’s most anticipated sporting event of 2022, the FIFA World Cup Qatar kicking off in November this year, and the final game set to take place just a week before Christmas, the advertising sector is gearing itself up for a very busy Q4. Without a doubt brands and advertisers need to put their best creative foot forward and tackle this quarter head-on. And Out-of-Home advertising (OOH) is the ultimate creative canvas for brands to capitalise on consumer interest for this once in four-year opportunity.

OOH Strategies for FIFA World Cup 2022

Although the boys in greens World Cup campaign ended in Stade de Luxembourg and not in Qatar, we are a nation of football enthusiasts. 26% of the Irish population have an interest in football and that’s not including the people who generally don’t like it but suddenly become obsessed when the big games come along. Football is also the second most-watched sport in Ireland (after Gaelic of course) and as the EUROS final in Ireland received 1m viewers in the republic, OOH is perfectly placed to position brands in the heart of the action.

Our latest consumer insight piece identifies two viewing opportunities – In-home viewership and Out-of-Home viewership. 50% of respondents will be watching the matches at home with a further 27% saying they will watch some matches in the pub and a number (11%) unsure of their plans just yet only knowing that they will be watching with friends. And as they are planning to walk (34%), drive (22%), taxi (17%), bus or DART (17%) to get from A to B the opportunity for Out-of-home (OOH) is huge. With most matches kicking off around the afternoon time there is further opportunity for brands to capitalise on dynamic digital Out-of-Home (OOH) as brands can build up excitement and hype in the morning and target consumers who are out and about before the games begin.

The impact of the World Cup on consumer spending is massive and when you add Christmas into the mix although reports are stating that Irish consumers plan on cutting their spending due to Inflation concerns, our data reveals quite the opposite for this year’s tournament. 45% of respondents have admitted that they will be spending more money during the World Cup, with 47% unsure of the amount they will be spending and only a small minority (9%) saying they will be spending less.

There’s also another reality. Christmas time usually sees a massive influx in family and friendly gatherings. This year, given the timing of the tournament we will no doubt see more spontaneous gatherings than normal all accompanied by food and drink. As you can imagine Snacks (66%) and Beer (54%) are the items at the top of everyone’s list creating a huge revenue opportunity for brands in this sector. Not to mention pizza (46%), crisps (45%), wine (22%), Chinese (18%), spirits (16%) and Indian (5%).

With anticipation building, now is a critical time for brands to start planning their Out-of-Home (OOH) campaigns and gain that competitive advantage against their competitors. Here are just a few tips to remember when planning your World Cup campaigns.

  • Preliminary Planning. The timing of the FIFA World Cup tournament is a first for many. It begins on the 21st of November right through to the 18th of December which brings us right up to Christmas week. Traditionally it is the busiest time of year for advertising, however, this year even more so, putting strain on inventory availability.
  • Be creative. Creativity is one of the most powerful weapons under a marketer’s control. There are countless studies to prove that creative Out-of-Home campaigns, increase effectiveness. In this digital era, if your creative is compelling enough, people will do the amplification for you.
  • Multi-environment approach. Growing investment, acceleration in digital and increased innovation means Out-of-Home formats can help your brand capture the full attention of the consumer through a multi-environment approach. Our research gave us insight into where spectators will be watching these games. Your campaign can be built into each environment they visit, from the moment they leave their house right through to their final destination.

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Methodology: Bounce Insights conducted an online survey of a main urban sample of 250 respondents aged 18+. The research was conducted on the 6th of May 2022.