_Route data relaunches with spot level ratings for digital OOH

From today, April 30th, Talon is using the revised Route data, which provides a more realistic view of Out of Home consumption across all screen and poster formats and environments, with a renewed focus on how audiences are exposed to advertising spots on digital screens.

With the launch of Route 34, covering the period up to the end of March 2020, this new Route currency will better account for playout frequency and allow for more accurate accountability of Out of Home audiences across all formats and campaigns.

Changes to the data have occurred in the following areas and whilst they give us a much more accurate picture of OOH campaign exposure, they will also necessitate a change in how we think about and plan some environments.

The changes account for:

  • Multiple exposure If a person is exposed to multiple ads in one sitting, each will count towards a unique impact.
  • Standardising spot audiences – Audiences within a 15-minute time period will be aligned to ensure standardisation for ads played out within a spot.
  • Seasonal footfall – A monthly seasonal factor will be applied to Route data leading to greater variance in the data and a better reflection of reality.
  • Methodology changes – there have also been methodology changes to the sample (shifting from a five-year to a three-year rolling sample) to reflect more relevant context; and to how the sample is measured across environments through something called contact redistribution, enabling a more accurate measure of all panels within environments. This has had an effect on the data where there are multiple frames within certain environments.

What the results show

The most significant changes are driven by the multiple exposure methodology for spots, where only 20% of UK Out of Home panels are affected. Whilst there have been some small changes to coverage, impacts are particularly affected in some environments where dwell times are higher and there is longer proximity to panels. This has an overall effect on the UK numbers as follows:

  • Impacts are up 15% across the OOH market.
  • Weekly digital OOH impacts have doubled.
  • Digital reach is up 3.3%, with campaign reach shifting by +4.5%.
  • Frequency to classic OOH campaigns is largely unaffected, but there has been a +93% change in frequency exposure to digital spots.

The latest data shows digital OOH now reaches 82%.  With greater granularity in the data, we can now apply single frame reporting to all panels. The average exposure to an OOH ad is 30 seconds; we are now seeing more audience to campaigns at peak times; and with 74% of digital impacts delivered by pedestrians, data shows the significance of this audience to driving action to OOH advertising.

How we’re using the data

The data will be accessible to planners and investment via Plato.

Talon’s Investment Team is interrogating the new Route data to determine the effect on client recommendations. With the data being more robust, we can see there are more OOH impacts available to advertisers than ever before. The biggest change for clients will mainly be across pedestrian environments, where we are seeing considerable increases in impacts delivered. There are large variations in the reach and frequency delivered by environment and format which will guide our recommendations in the future.

The outputs of the new Route data will lead to a change in trading models providing clients with a consistent assessment of OOH value compared to other media.  This may necessitate changes to recommended environments, formats and weights for different briefs.  In all our recommendations our tools and expertise will ensure reach delivery is optimised and frequency maintained at effective levels.  Previous recommendations may now deliver more impacts and lower CPTs however we need to ensure this isn’t at the expense of Reach. Overall, we are looking ahead to implementing the enhancements of the OOH currency in future plans and continuing to maximise outcomes for our clients. More to follow on this.

Route Infographic Final

For more details, please see refer to the new Route video which explains the changes.