Out of Home Executions: Hand Painted Advertising

If you read last month’s edition of Out of Home (OOH) Executions, you’ll already know that despite OOH reaching almost all of the UK’s population, there are still some locations we can’t reach with traditional posters.

We’re always looking for innovative ways to help our brands connect with audiences and when needed, we’ll create our own canvas (literally). This week, we’re diving into hand-painted advertising and how we turn plain old walls into attention-grabbing works of art.

The demand for hand-painted ads has rocketed over the past 5 years. Brands can’t ignore their ability to make audiences stop, take a photo, and share online with their followers. Not only is this a powerful canvas bursting with creative opportunity but one wall in Shoreditch (London) or Dumbo (New York) can reach millions of people worldwide.

Peaky Blinders – Season 6 

To announce the release of the final season of its award-winning show, the BBC commissioned a mural in Birmingham – the home of the Peaky Blinders. Unveiled in February, the mural was created by street artist Akse to announce details of the final season.

A simple but effective execution, the mural was quickly picked up by the press and eagle-eyed fans across the world through social media. Within days, the mural received 25+ articles including coverage in Portugal, Germany, Spain & Greece. On socials, the video of the mural accumulated over 2.7 million views and almost a million comments.

Volkswagen – ID.3 

As part of its commitment to being carbon neutral by 2050, Volkswagen developed the ID.3 – the world’s first fully electric car to be produced and delivered 100% net carbon-neutral. Looking to make a big impact whilst honouring Volkswagen’s carbon neutral commitment, murals were used to make the OOH campaign as clean as the car.

Across 3 cities and 5 walls, 18 artists would paint a series of OOH murals in major cities across the UK. Using Airlite paint, the murals actively removed pollution from the air. Throughout the campaign, the five murals removed an estimated 2.45kg of NOx, equating to 102g a day.

Once the launch ended, we left a clean air legacy by painting over the murals with white Airlite paint to continue the job; removing a further 5.68kg of NOx, equating to 90.2g each day.

The campaign was the world’s third-most awarded campaign in 2021 with a vast array of creative, media and effectiveness awards including 2 x Cannes Lions.

Hobgoblin – Best Sipped in the Dark 

Marston’s launched Hobgoblin’s new ‘Best Sipped in the Dark’ Halloween campaign under the brand’s new ‘Born Different’ positioning. The OOH led campaign featured a high impact special build creative using glow in the dark UV paint on the Ebor Street Mural in Shoreditch.

The campaign was further supported across Hobgoblin’s social channels enabling the brand to extend its reach and bring the campaign to life in the digital sphere.

For all mural enquiries please contact creativesolutions@talonoutdoor.com.