PayPal's pay in 3 campaign on a station platform.


PayPal wanted to activate a high impact campaign aimed at building awareness and preference for their BNPL service, Pay in 3, whilst also cutting through to their core target audience.

PayPal pay in 3 camapign on the Piccadilly Lights and multiple taxis in Piccadilly Circus.


A multitude of high impact formats and environments, taxi and bus supersides and large format digital including the Piccadilly Lights, were employed for this campaign in order to build fame and drive awareness.

A programmatic strategy was also employed through Atlas in order to effectively reach PayPal’s target audience of Digital Natives – those who are thinking about applying for a credit card, are early adopters of new tech and use competitor services.

PayPal wanted to see measurable results for their campaign, and so a brand uplift study was conducted through our research partner OnDevice.

PayPal's pay in 3 campaign on a train card inside of a London Underground tube train.


The joint strategies, of broadcast high impact formats as well as highly targeted programmatic booking, worked to impact the entire brand funnel.

Awareness of PayPal as a BNPL provider grew +15%, with over 9 in 10 of the target audience aware of the service and with PayPal placing first in awareness against competitors.

Due to the highly targeted nature of the campaign, engagement levels were incredibly strong, with 91% feeling the advert was relevant to them.

This helped in enhancing brand perceptions and driving brand preference and loyalty.

aware of PayPal's Pay in 3 service
feel PayPal provides a quick & secure service
brand preference uplift
used Pay in 3 to buy items

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