BBC’s Killing Eve has earned its spot as one of the most critically acclaimed thrillers to ever grace our screens. To celebrate the beloved show, its controversial ending, and its release on BBC iPlayer, we marked the occasion with an immersive OOH experience.



To bring the Killing Eve Collection to life, we hand-selected Liverpool ONE – a shopping complex in the heart of Villanelle actress, Jodie Comer’s hometown. With a love of bold fashion statements, Liverpool was the ideal location for both the show and the BBC, as reaching the North West a big focus for them in 2022. 

Spanning over five large-scale shop windows on Lord Street, we created a high-fashion window display to provide passers-by with an up close and personal look at the iconic costumes worn by the characters.  

The window display contained a costume of Villanelle’s from each season of the show including the pink tulle dress from season one, Bavarian dirndl from season two, clown costume from season three and the angelic white dress from the final season. The middle window of the display would feature a tribute to Eve whose outfit is noticeably plainer in comparison.  

Props from the show were also on display for everyone to see, including a bottle of La Villanelle perfume and hundreds of “Sorry Baby x” notes. 



Fans and passers-by were quick to spot the exhibition before and after it was finished, sharing images and videos across all social media channels. Disappointed with the ending of Killing Eve; fans turned the OOH exhibit into a memorial. They adorned it with bouquets of flowers, cards and even Villanelle’s favourite Haribo Tangfastic sweets.



Overall, the exhibit was a huge success, going viral online, generating hundreds of fan videos, igniting fans to travel to Liverpool to see it IRL and even igniting a movement complete with a Kickstarter campaign. The exhibit is an incredible example of how OOH campaigns can amplify conversations, generate huge social media coverage and be remembered for years to come.  

Thanks to the Killing Eve fans and the incredible nature of social media, the exhibit went viral. Videos relating to the exhibit reached a total of 10,185,800 views and the numerous TikTok videos received over 824,100 views.

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