Sustainability at Talon

At Talon, we are putting sustainability at the centre of our business strategy. Success in sustainability not only requires us to embed it into our way of working but to extend these changes to each of our stakeholder groups.

Sustainability is about understanding the impacts of and to a business – beyond financial implications. It is a new way of working that acknowledges the effect had on people, the planet and profit in equal parts.

In 2023, we hired a Group Sustainability Manager and undertook an in-depth materiality assessment to identify the most important sustainability topics for our business. Our sustainability framework (below) outlines three core pillars that form the foundation of our sustainability strategy: Environment, People and Community.

Through the materiality process we identified our most salient impact areas within each pillar. The three topics highlighted at the top of each pillar will be our primary focus:


Talon Sustainability Graphic

This strategy is underpinned by a global governance structure, market-based objectives in line with our sustainability framework and effective policies and procedures to ensure ethical conduct.


Managing our climate impact is our primary environmental objective. At the start of 2024 we launched our net zero emissions strategy to define our Science-Based Targets. Our industry is still working to define clear emissions methodology however we are undertaking initiatives to anticipate the rollout. We participate in many industry groups and have been asked to chair the UK AdNetZero SME working group and partake in the Global Alliance for Responsible Media OOH working group -who are defining the global emissions calculations methodology across each media channel.


We are deeply invested in our employees. We’re committed to enhancing health and safety, improving employee benefits and fostering a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion – ensuring that everyone feels like they belong at Talon and are recognised fairly for their efforts. We are committed to gender equality through measuring and reducing our gender pay gap as well as ensuring we are capturing appropriate information from our employees to measure diversity.


We recognise that we cannot affect the change required alone or in isolation and are actively engaging with our stakeholders to raise the bar on sustainability across the industry. We require our suppliers to acknowledge our Sustainability Charter and share primary information about their sustainability maturity. As well as giving back to our local communities through charitable giving and volunteering we are building awareness and understanding of sustainability across our employees, clients, agencies and media owners to contribute towards positive behaviour change.


Sustainability is increasingly playing a crucial part in how we manage relationships with every one of our stakeholders. If you would like to find out more about out sustainability framework then contact our dedicated team.


Click here to read Talon’s Sustainability Charter

Out of Home has a great story to tell.

OOH gives back - 46% of UK OOH revenue is reinvested into public services, infrastructure, communities, and employees, demonstrating its tangible contributions to supporting society. OOH also provides public services, with initiatives like mobile charging stations, air pollution monitoring, public WiFi and defibrillators, showcasing its role in creating a more sustainable and connected world.

Environmentally, OOH is one of only two channels on track to meet emissions reduction required to align to Science Based Targets. A report published by KMPG states that per impression, OOH has the lowest carbon impact as our channel communicates with many – sometimes hundreds – of people at once, rather than operating on a one-to-one or one-to-few model like other channels.

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