Virgin Media and TSB launches the ‘M4 London Gateway’

Hot on the heels of Henlys Corner, Outdoor Plus has launched the only landscape digital opportunity on the M4. The state of the art high-resolution screen launched on Monday with Talon launch partners Virgin Media and TSB.

Targeting traffic travelling into the capital from Heathrow, and the affluent regions to the West of London, the site delivers a fortnightly audience of over 1.2 million. The elevated screen gives brands an opportunity to showcase on one of the busiest roads into London.

Grant Branfoot, Sales Director at Outdoor Plus, said: “Our digital offering is the most advanced in the market so we’re proud to be the only DOOH media owner offering a landscape digital screen on the M4 London Gateway.

Roadside Site’s Appeal to Advertisers

The roadside site provides a great space for advertisers to harness the attention of both international audiences and Londoners travelling between Heathrow and the city.”

The inclusion of this new site was a key addition to our Out of Home campaigns for TSB and Virgin Media. It was an essential part of our OOH strategy to create standout and impact and an opportunity to do so on a unique digital format like this. Furthermore, such a large change to the physical structure of the site will naturally attract the attention of those regularly commuting on this road.