Twitter affirms itself as global news source with reactive Digital OOH campaign

Twitter has relaunched its dynamic out-of-home and digital campaign that tracks trending topics in real time on 8th June – in time for the General Election.

Increasingly as the go-to source for breaking news, Twitter has deployed the dynamic, real-time national OOH campaign to affirm itself as a major news outlet.

The campaign encourages people to “see what’s happening” in the world by checking Twitter first, as more and more users recognise the instantaneous and collative nature of the service, which often beats more traditional news services in getting real-time events out there in the public consciousness.

The messaging has kicked off in the final week of campaigning for the UK General Election, providing updates on the top trending topics in the UK; from policy U-Turns, TV appearances to political gaffes. From June 9th onwards messaging featured the outcome and reaction of the election alongside other current stories.

Audience data was overlaid with geographical locations whereby the target audience significantly over-indexed. The campaign included a range of formats across rail and Underground environments as well as featuring in heavily pedestrianised roadside locations.

Real-Time News Source on Digital Out-of-Home Screens

Niamh O’Reilly, Twitter’s EMEA marketing director, said: “At Twitter we’ve focussed on defining ourselves as the place to learn what’s happening now and what people are saying.

“We ran our first [brand] campaign in March 2016 and it did a great job of telling the story, but it didn’t show the experience in real time. By using Stink Studios’ platform ‘Switchboard’, we are able to react to stories instantly as they break and grow on Twitter.”

Flo Horwich, Client Manager at Talon adds: “With this campaign we have transformed a network of digital out-of-home screens into a real-time news source for the public. The clever use of live data feeds and technology has amplified the relevance of this campaign, showing time and time again that the use of context in advertising cuts through“.

The campaign was planned by Talon and PHD in collaboration with Stink Studios and Voodooh.