Talon Launches AdTech Platforms for OOH

Talon Launches OOH AdTech Platforms: Plato and Ada

Plato and Ada are audience targeting and media trading platforms specifically designed for OOH. 

Talon has developed proprietary technology platforms that allow internal users and external customers to engage seamlessly with OOH to deliver meaningful outcomes.  

The two platforms simplify a fragmented and complex medium by bridging the gap between advertisers’ demands and existing capability in the OOH market place. They will be instrumental to delivering more advanced capabilities to advertisers as part of an integrated ecosystem with media owners, agencies, advertisers and measurement and data providers. A fundamental requirement to scale the industry beyond the current growth curve  

Plato is an automated trading platform, which aggregates all OOH inventory into a single, intuitive campaign planning and delivery system. It allows users to explore, plan, check availability, reserve and trade paper & digital inventory across multiple markets. All made possible through direct integrations with media owners and industry systems, allowing for fully optimised campaign planning and buying. 

Ada, an OOH data management platform, manages and activates billions of device-level audience data points to create new insights about how people behave and how to effectively reach and engage them whilst on-the-go. Advertisers can use Ada to activate their own customer data or create custom audience segments relevant to their campaigns. The platform enables more data driven audience targeting and campaign measurement than has been possible up to now. 

Both platforms have been developed in close collaboration with Sahaj Software, a partner with extensive experience in applying data science and software engineering to develop large scale technology across multiple verticals. 

Talon has also partnered multiple data providers to fuel Ada’s audience and location intelligence, including Location Sciences and Narrative. 

Josko Grljevic, Talon’s Chief Transformation Officer, explains, “The launch of Plato and Ada is a direct outcome of Talon’s continued investment in technology and automation. We believe that these are catalysts that will scale our business and the footprint of OOH by bridging the gap between advertisers and their audiences. Today’s off-line and manual processes simply can’t do that effectively nor can they compete with the real time nature of mobile and web. Our objective was therefore very clear – develop tools and services that allow our internal and external customers, to seamlessly engage with the OOH medium to deliver meaningful outcomes.” 

Jonathan Conway, Chief Strategy Officer at Talon adds, “Our goal has always been to use data, intelligence and technology to make it easy for advertisers to continually optimise their Out of Home investments. Plato and Ada were designed with this goal in mind. Combined, the platforms make it easy for advertisers to intuitively navigate the entire OOH market, target the audiences they really care about, and measure the brand and business outcomes of their campaigns.” 

Nitin Dhall, Co-Founder and Director of Sahaj Software Solutions adds, “Sahaj is proud to be Talon’s technology partner. We have solved complex business problems by successfully pairing our engineering expertise with Talon’s specialist OOH domain knowledge, to build genuinely innovative and scalable technology solutions.” 

Visit www.platoada.com to find out more.