Talon Outdoor Partners With Experian to Enable Greater Data-Led Planning in OOH Environments

The Out of Home media specialist will harness Experian’s data sets to gain deeper insights into OOH audiences.

Out of Home (OOH) media specialists, Talon, today announces its partnership with Experian, to enable brands and advertisers to target greater audience segments via Talon’s proprietary data management platform (DMP), Ada. The partnership will enable both Experian and Talon to drive their offering with a customer-centric approach based on transparency and data privacy.

Talon Partners with Experian for Enhanced OOH Audience Targeting

Consumer behaviours have changed as a result of the pandemic, with lifestyles now a hybrid between online and offline. As a result, advertisers need to be able to target audiences who aren’t loyal to one purchasing channel. Ada manages, aggregates and activates audiences through billions of consented location data points to create fresh intelligence on real-time and recent consumer behaviours. Talon is driving leading-edge and outcomes-based data-driven OOH audience targeting and campaign measurement by enabling advertisers to measure campaign effectiveness by tracking footfall and store visits.

The datasets provided by Experian’s Audience Engine platform gives a holistic look at a range of audiences, based on their likely characteristics and preferences. This partnership will enable brands to better understand their audiences’ OOH exposure while gaining a richer view on consumer movement across the UK.

Audience Engine helps brands and advertisers to make the most of rich data and insights to quickly create powerful campaigns with targeted and effective messages through the most suitable channels including mail, email, social media, programmatic, TV, and now thanks to the partnership, OOH too.

Josko Grljevic, Chief Transformation Officer at Talon comments: “Talon’s new partnership with Experian will provide valuable insights and audience segmentation to further increase a brand’s ability to serve targeted ads. Ultimately creating more effective OOH outcomes. This is a fantastic partnership which adds yet another layer of effectiveness to Talon’s data and insights capability”

Colin Greives, Managing Director of Marketing Services, Experian UK&I, comments: “Our partnership will enable greater targeting OOH opportunities and provide actionable insights for advertisers, creating a multi-faceted approach to reaching new audiences.

Talon has always focused on delivering smarter, creative, technology-led, and integrated campaigns and working with Experian will provide a new level of market-leading, granular insights to take its clients’ campaigns to new heights.”