PA Consulting Makes the Difference with OOH Drive

PA Consulting Group has launched an extensive and unique Out of Home campaign targeting an international audience with a message highlighting the company’s creative-led point of difference.

The media strategy, devised, planned and delivered by Talon, was built around key Geo-targeted, cross-environment locations in London, Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Utrecht, Boston, and New York.

The impactful creative, produced by Matter of Form, has been consistently and creatively used across all formats, generating a strong and visually cohesive campaign that brings to life the business’s key communications messages, namely that PA Makes the Difference through a unique combination of creativity, technological expertise and hands-on working practices.

Having been tasked by PA to raise profile and create buzz in a clever, punchy and visually challenging way, Talon ensured maximum exposure to the key audiences at key times of the day. Upweights covered commuting hours on digital OOH, including cross-platform daypart content and a use of mobile, office screens, an extensive use of transit, plus classic OOH including Special Builds.

The messages included the taglines “Business as Unusual”, “We make the difference” and “It is Rocket Science”.

Kerry Harris, PA’s Head of Brand and Marketing Strategy

Kerry Harris, PA’s Head of Brand and Marketing Strategy comments: “The campaign has been really successful in communicating how we make the difference for our clients. Our creativity, technology expertise and hands-on approach set us apart from our competitors and the campaign – both in terms of content and media – has reflected this superbly across multiple geographies in some really novel ways.”

Talon’s International Business Director, Clare Passfield, comments: “The campaign ensures PA Consulting Group is seen to make THE difference in the space of consulting, technology and innovation”

Catherine Knight, from Talon’s Innovations team adds, “This ambitious use of Out of Home media includes innovations across many formats including lenticulars, large format 3D special builds and the creation of a one off 6 Sheet showcase. This, unusually, used only 3D printed materials to create a visually impressive and logistically challenging replica of a jetpack shrunk to fit inside a 6 sheet box measuring just 125mm wide.”

The campaign, which has run across May and June was planned and implemented by Talon’s International Client Director Miriam Buireu Parra, who adds “the international scale of the campaign helps amplify a consistent and impactful campaign across many formats relevant to the brand and its audience across those locations.”