Out-of-Home Collaboration: Data & Tech with Orb

If you read last month’s collaboration with Headcase, you’ll know that as an Out-of-Home specialist agency we are constantly seeking the next big thing for our clients. Throughout the summer months, we are collaborating with some of our media partners to take a deeper look into the different areas of creativity in OOH. This month we sat down with Orb to discuss further technological advancements in the OOH space and find out how your brand can harness the power of technology within your campaigns and target consumers in more exciting and creative ways.

Gone are the days where Out-of-Home advertising was defined as just your average paper poster or hand-painted sign. Over the last decade, we have witnessed digital displays increasingly replacing static out-of-home ads, with 40% of OOH ad revenue in Ireland now falling under digital. The use of data within OOH is also becoming more and more prevalent as it helps marketers reach consumers more effectively and efficiently. With greater technology, there’s no stopping what Out-of-Home campaigns can achieve.

Q: Can you go into a bit of detail on the offerings Orbs provide and then tell us how brands can utilise these offerings in their OOH campaigns?

Using current data to understand audience movements around selected points of interest and Orb panels is changing how we utilise our network. Insight into who has been exposed to a panel including dwell time and the number of visitations has many creative applications. It presents the opportunity to expand beyond broad awareness campaigns and use the panels based on the location of your target audience. This style of campaign means you can define locations where a higher proportion of your target audience are, pinpointing locations like events, retail outlets, restaurants, cinemas where your chosen audience dwell. Using this information and exposure to Orb panels creates an index, dictating where campaign plays or impressions should be delivered. This is really all about improving context, reducing wastage and bringing transparency to how the campaign performed.

For example, recently we did a campaign for a fintech brand that aimed at growing Irish awareness amongst millennials 25-44 who love shopping. Using current mobile & sensor data we analysed the previous month to see which screens had the highest concentration of this target audience. This presented 61 targeted panels with the campaign delivered in audience plays. A similar campaign was put together for a brand within the TV space whose aim was females 18-44 in Dublin with an affinity for reality TV. Using the same audience tool, 35 panels were identified that had a high skew to this specific audience. What both these campaigns have in common is using data to define the most relevant audience by panel.

Other new campaign options are dynamic triggers and advanced campaign measurement. Playout can now be in response to things such as dust levels, mosquito activity, barbecue conditions, flight arrivals, taxi availability and much more. These can all be used to offer another level of creative targeting and can be paired with measurement tools like brand uplift. The uplift of a campaign can be measured based on who was exposed to the ad. We can look at two groups of people, those who were exposed to the ad and those who weren’t, layering on different audience surveys all to truly see if the campaign had tangible results for the client.

These audience tools, dynamic triggers & measurement capabilities all present a new way DOOH can be used to really enhance and blend with client objectives. Why not look at using digital Out-of-Home through a more strategic lens, considering data strategy has made this possible.

About Orb

Orb set out on a mission 10 years ago to make DOOH a format where audiences were measurable, and campaigns could be designed to target them. Recent breakthroughs have seen their network being utilised based on two main categories, audience demographics and affinities. Their campaigns use frequency, play or impression buys and is measured on awareness and brand uplift to dive deeper into the campaign performance. See orb.ie for more.